My name is Lars and I run the xplainthegame youtube channel and this companion website. This is a passion project about video games I enjoy.

I have been gaming for over 20 years now but playing Warframe sparked the flame of writing guides and creating video content. I started playing Warframe in 2015 and enjoyed its multi-layered complexity.

Asking in the forums, spending endless in the wiki or on reddit helped me to untagle Warframe’s complexity. In the end I collected so much information about those topcis like dojo building, trading or mandatory items that I decided to do a few videos on the newly created youtube channel xplainthegame.

xplainthegame channel schedule

I have no clear schedule because I have to find topics I enjoy. And I have to do the research before I start writing scripts that get (or sometimes dont) turned into videos. I upload around 15 videos per year and tend to do regular updates on my topics. I do not want to make video graveyard of outdated Warframe videos bigger that it already is.

This website

For the longest time I used my personal website/blog as sort of companion for this channel. Summer 2019 changed that and became the “official” companion website. allows me to update content as fast as Warframe changes. Most content becomes obsolete after 24 months and I do not like to recycle my videos constantly. But I can at least direct viewers to a source with updated information.

Helping other content creators

There are other Warframe content creators that produce amazing tools for Warframe players. And parts of the money I get from ads here on this website and through youtube goes back to them.

I have been supporting via Patreon for a long time. The maps and modular weapon tools semlar provides are a true blessing. The other big project I am involved since they launched on Patreon is This tool takes the pain out of trading in Warframe.

The future of xplainthegame

Content creation is something I enjoy. As long as I can do relaxed indepth videos about topics I enjoy and people like them I will keep going.

As for the content, I took many breaks but always found my way back into Warframe. There is always something new to explain and something old to do better nowadays. The beauty of Warframe is constant change that keeps me engaged.

I play other games like Destiny 2, Borderlands and Deep Rock Galactic. And maybe one of those games finds its way to my channel and this website. At the end of the day I need to enjoy spending my time here with you.