This guide helps you to build a proper archwing with useful weapons to progress through the star chart, to be prepared for Empyrean or fly over the Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis. Itzal and Amesha should be your two go-to archwings. And depending on the mission Imperator Vandal, Fluctus or Larkspur should be your archguns of choice. I will explain the reasons why and where I recommend those guns an archwings plus the currently two best missions to rank up. Finally I prepared a “shopping list” of mandatory mods you should get to have a good survivability in archwing missions

Mandatory archwings

There two different archwings that you need to get: Itzah and Amesha. For both you need access to the Tenno Lab in your dojo because all required blueprints are only available there . Like all archwings you need to build the wings, harness and systems first. After that you build the actual archwing from those parts. The building time is 36 hours.


Itzal is a very fast archwing and can jump a long distance ahead thanks to its Blink (1) ability. This is extremely helpful for quick Plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis traversal and if you need to get out of danger very fast. The Penumbra (2) ability cloaks you as long as you are stationary. The third ability is called Cosmic Crush (3). This ability is extremely popular for farming in archwing missions and on open world maps because it pulls all resources and also enemies into one place. Fighter Escort (4) is Intzal’s final ability and it increases its defense capabilities significantly. A swarm of small drones will fly around your archwing and attack enemies near you.

Itzal is the weakest of all archwings. But being fast, able to cloak and sucking in resources are what makes it the most popular choice. An Orokin Catalyst is well spend on this archwing. You can jump right into the Itzal build with all recommended archwing mods. 


The second archwing worth getting is Amesha, an archwing with exceptional healing and damage reduction abilities for yourself and your squad mates. Amesha’s first ability Watchful Swarm (1) will summon drones that each stop one attack by sacrificing itself. This ability can also be also be cast on allies. Benevolent Decoy (2) could be considered Amesha’s signature ability. Benevolent Decoy creates a large energy field bubble with a smaller bubble in its center. All damage in the center bubble is mitigated and used for healing and all damage inside the larger bubble is directed into the smaller central bubble. Warding Grace (3) removes all status from allies in a large area around Amesha and also slows down enemies. The last ability called Vengeful Rush (4) will convert all incoming damage into energy similar to the warframe Rage mod

Amesha is a relative strong archwing with great survival utility worth using in all archwing space missions. I highly recommend using an Orokin Catalyst on this archwing. You can jump right into the Amesha build with all recommended archwing mods. 

Archwing control advise

Archwing movement – especially in Corpus missions – can become confusing. There are few simple things to get the most out of archwing. 

You fly faster with Shift pressed and you activate afterburner with pressing Space while Shift is pressed

The best way for a hard stop is to fly against obstacles. It is not very elegant but highly effective. 

If you spin around your axis you need to lose speed by letting go of Space and Shift button. Just fly ahead slowly for a few seconds. Your archwing will auto-adjust. 

Mandatory archwing mods

There are 7 archwing mods and a single aura mod that need to go on your shopping list. From the 7 archwing mods, 2 are survivability mods that you need to get very fast. The rest of the mods can be acquired as you make your way through archwing missions and mod farming.  

Enhanced Durability is the first survivability you need to get. It gives your archwing a 150% health increase. This means 900 health for Itzal and 1800 health for Amesha. Luckily this mod is a guaranteed drop from the Jupiter junction. 

The second mandatory survivability mods ist Energy Inversion. This mod gives your archwing a 120% shield increase. It drops from, Cetus / Plains of Eidolon bounty 2. It has a 25% drop chance on rotation A and 15% drop chance rotation B. 

You should also have equipped Rejuvenation on your warframe when you are doing archwing missions. This mod will heal your and your squadmates’ archwing for 3 health per second. Does not sound much but it adds up over time.

Ability increasing mods that are harder to get and do not need to be acquired as fast as the survivability mods. Try to farm or buy ability mods over time because they increase your archwing usefulness noticeably. 

Auxiliary Power provides +90% more energy for your archwing abilities. Equipped with Auxiliary Power both Itzal and Amesha have 540 energy. It drops only from fighting Shield Dargyn at a depressing 0.17% drop chance. The best place for farming is Interception on Caesus (Uranus) or Pursuit on Pandora (Saturn). With this low drop rate uncommon transmutation and buying from other players are valid alternatives to acquire this mod. 

System Reroute provide +55% ability efficiency. In combination with Auxiliary Power extremely useful to keep up you abilities constantly. This makes blink over Plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis extremely cheap in terms of energy spend. The mod drops from mostly archwing Grineer enemies at very low drop rate of 0.25%. The best farming place is Interception on Caesus (Uranus) or just buy it from other players for around 30 platinum.

Efficient Transferral increases your ability duration by +30%. The mod drops from Grineer Dargyn in archwing missions and Plains of Eidolon or from Corpus Attack drones. The drop rate is sadly very low rates. So, buying Efficient Transferral from other players for 5-7 platinum is a good alternative.

Energy Amplifier provides +60% ability range for your archwing. It drops from Grineer Shield-Hellion Dargyn with 1.5 % drop chance and the best place is once again Interception Caesus (Uranus). 

Primed Morphic Transformer provides +55% ability strength. The reason I do not advise getting the normal Morphic Transformer is its very low 20% strength increase and an abysmal the drop rate. Check Baro Ki’Teer every other week to get Primed Morphic transformer for 150’000 credits and 350 ducats.

This makes 7 archwing mods and they fit without any additional forma on Amesha and Itzal as long as you have an Orokin Reactor installed. 

Itzal balanced late game no forma build

Itzal build

Amasha balanced late game no forma build

Amesha build

Recommended arch-guns 

When it comes to archwing primary weapons there are three different archguns that can be recommended. The Fluctus for Corpus missions with their tight space and short firing distance, the Imperator Vandal for open space long range Grineer missions and the Larkspur as an allrounder mid range weapon.

The Fluctus blueprint can be acquired in the Tenno lab in your dojo. The blueprint requires three components that each come from different syndicate: Fluctus barrel from Cephalon Suda, Fluctus stock from Steel Meridian and Fluctus limbs from Red Veil. You should trade those parts with other players that lack other arch-gun parts. 

All Imperator Vandal parts including the blueprint are drops in the regular occuring Balor Fomorian Invasion. But you can also buy all parts from other players for around 50 platinum. 

The Larkspur blueprint is available in the Tenno lab in your dojo. It can be built without additional parts but the building requirements include 2 Crisma Toroids. Those Toroids drop exclusively at the Orb Mother boss fight on Fortuna that is locked behind many days of farming. The marketplace price for the Larkspur is only 125 platinum and worth considering.

You can safely put an Orokin Catalyst on each of them because they will carry you through the entirety of what archwing in Warframe has to offer. And all of them are worth using with a Gravimag in ground missions.

Mandatory arch-gun weapon mods

This is your shopping list for arch-gun mods you want to use in archwing missions. Mods more suited for ground combat – once you acquired a Gravimag – are not covered in this guide because this guide is focused on space fights.

Rubedo-Lined Barrel provides +100% damage increase for your arch-gun. It is a guaranteed Jupiter junction reward and also drops from almost all Dargyn variants at around 2% drop chance. 

Dual Rounds adds +60% multishot to any arch-gun. It drops from Interception on Caelus (Uranus) on rotation A. Grineer Dogma have a 0.25% and Grineer Shield-Hellion Dargyn have a 0.4% drop chance for this mod.

Magazine Extension will increase your magazine size by +60%. This increase is important for arch-guns because there is just a single mag that recharges automatically when you are not shooting. The larger the mag the more you can shoot before waiting to reload. It drops on rotation A from Interception on Caelus (Uranus) and by Grineer Dargyn or Corpus Attack drones.

Hollowed Bullets adds +80% crit damage to your arch-guns. It drops from Interception on Caelus (Uranus) rotation A like many other arch-gun mods. There are few Corpus archwing units that also drop Hollowed Bullets but the drop rate an impossible 0.06%. 

Parallax Scope will provide a crit chance increase of +100% to your arch-guns. It drops like many other mandatory arch-gun mods from Interception on Caelus (Uranus) at  rotation A but also from a large assortment of Corpus and Grineer archwing enemies. 

The next four mods are four elemental mods similar to what we have for warframe primary, secondary and melee weapons. They all provide +120% elemental damage. You should combine to Corrosive and Cold for Grineer and to Radiation and Cold for Corpus in archwing missions. Radiation and Cold for Corpus is not immediately obvious but in archwing most Corpus enemies have shields over alloy armor. You use the Cold to strip down the shields and Radiation for alloy armor. 

Electrified Barrel adds +120% electricity damage to your arch-gun. It drops from Interception on Caelus (Uranus) on rotation B and from Grineer Lancer Dreg enemies. 

Venomous Clip provides +120% toxin damage to your arch-guns. This mod drops on Interception from Caelus (Uranus) on rotation A. There is also a smaller drop chance from Corpus Carrier (0.37% ) and Grineer Lancer Dreg (0.17%).

With Polar Magazine you add +120% cold damage to your arch-gun. It drops from mobile defense on Erpo (Earth) on rotation A and from the Grineer Temporal Dreg at 1.11% drop rate. 

The last elemental mod is Combustion Rounds. It provides +120% heat damage to arch-guns. It drops from Interception on Caelus (Uranus) on rotation A and from Grineer Dreg enemies at 0.33% drop rate. 

Imperator Vandal late game crit build – Grineer

This is how the mods from your shopping list fit on the Imperator Vandal for Grineer. 

Imperator Vandal late game crit build – Corpus

For Corpus switch Venomous Clip for Combustion Rounds. This may seem counterintuitive but many Corpus archwing enemies have alloy armor that is weak against radiation damage. 

Fluctus late game build – Grineer 

This is how the mods from your shopping list fit on the Fluctus for Grineer. 

Fluctus late game build – Corpus

For Corpus switch Venomous Clip for Combustion Rounds. This may seem counterintuitive but many Corpus archwing enemies have alloy armor that is weak against radiation damage.

Larkspur archwing build – Grineer

This is how the mods from your shopping list fit on the Larkspur for Grineer. 

Larkspur late game build – Corpus

For Corpus switch Venomous Clip for Combustion Rounds. This may seem counterintuitive but many Corpus archwing enemies have alloy armor that is weak against radiation damage.

Recommended arch-melee

Let me preface my recommendation that melee in archwing is generally not a good idea because you are extremely vulnerable while you hack away at enemies. I know that melee feels good especially in close quarter Corpus maps. But you tend to lose your shields very fast and you become an almost stationary target open to enemy attacks. 

For arch-melee the only weapon I can recommend is the Centaur. It is a very fast melee weapon with the highest initial crit chance of all archwing melee weapons. 

Its blueprint can be bought from the marketplace for 30’000 credits but it can also drop from the Daily Tribute login reward. The blueprint requires three parts that each come from a different syndicate. The Centaur blade is available from The Perrin Sequence, the Centaur handle is available from New Loka and the aegis from Arbiters of Hexis. To get all three parts you need to trade with other players that might need a part that you have in exchange for a part they have. If you do not like trading there is still the marketplace where the Centaur sells for 195 platinum with Orokin Catalyst equipped. 

Mandatory arch-melee weapon mods

The shopping list for arch-melee weapons is only 8 mods long. Half of it are elemental mods and the rest are what you come to know from normal melee weapon mods.

Cutting Edge is an arch-melee mod that increase your archwing’s melee damage by +60%. It drops from 9 different enemies at a reasonable rate. You should be able to acquire this mods by just playing archwing missions. 

Extend will extend your melee range by +80%. Currently it does not extend the lock-on range of arch-melee but just the radius the weapon is swung. It has a 3.16% drop chance from 6 different Grineer Dargyn enemies. The mod will also drop often as exterminate reward on Montes (Venus) and Syrtis (Mars). 

Tempered Blade provides +150% additional crit chance to any arch-melee weapon. Its best drop location is the Corpus sabotage mission on Galilea (Jupiter).

Bleeding Edge adds +110% crit damage to your arch-melee weapon. Interception on Caelus (Uranus) has a 10% drop chance on rotation B to give that mod.

Galvanized Blade provides +120% electricity damage to an archwing melee weapon. The mod drops as reward in 3 different missions but Corpus sabotage  on Galilea (Jupiter) provides the best drop chance of nearly 26%. 

Poisonous Sting adds +120% toxin damage to your favorite arch-melee weapon. The best drop location is the annoying archwing rush mission on Kepler (Phobos). There it has a drop chance of 14.29% on rotation A. 

Glacial Edge is the third of the elemental mods and it provides +120% cold damage to archwing melee weapons. It has a very good drop chance of 25% in the Corpus sabotage mission on Galilea (Jupiter) and a decent 10% drop chance on Caelus’ (Uranus) interception mission. 

The final elemental mod, Blazing Steel, provides +120% heat damage. Both farming locations – Corpus rush on Kepler (Phobos) and Grineer pursuit on Pandora (Saturn) – have very low drop chances under 4%. Either buy this from another player or try your luck with uncommon transmutation.  

Centaur Build – Grineer

This is how the mandatory mods fit on a 1 Forma Centaur build for Grineer. 

Centaur Build – Corpus

Like the previous arch-gun build toxin is swapped out for heat in Corpus missions. This mean switch Poisonous Sting for Blazing Steel to have radiation and cold against shields and alloy armor. 

Best places to level archwing and archgun

There are currently only two good places to level archwing and arch-guns. 

The better one of the two is interception on Caelus (Uranus). It is worth remembering that this mission also gives many mods that you need. You will end up playing this mission alone or when you are lucky with another lone stranger. That is why many players are intimidated by archwing interception. I have soloed this mission countless times and it is rather straightforward to always have at least 3 of the 4 points under your control. The secret is to fly from one interception point to the next and not too linger more than a few seconds after taking control. 

Fly with max speed (shift + space) and try to hit the interception satellites head on to make a full stop. Take the point and then move on to the next. When you have all 4 under control hunt down enemies aggressively. The best archwing for this mission is actually Itzal because you can move very fast from point to point and turn invisible while taking control of a point. 

The second mission mission worth knowing is mobile defense on Salacia (Neptune). It is a Corpus ship mission and it can be confusing at times. Defending all three satellites means you and each satellite will be a stationary targets for enemies. Your best choice of protecting the mobile defense satellite is Amesha

Using archwing in Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis

One of the great things about archwing is its use to traverse the open worlds of Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis

To be able to do this you have to install a Archwing Launcher Segment in your foundry. Like all orbiter segments this one’s blueprint can also be bought from the dojo Tenno Lab. Building this blueprint will cost you a few resources native only to Plains of Eidolon. You can also buy the Archwing Launcher Segment from the marketplace for 175 platinum.

Once built and installed you have to equip the Archwing Launcher in your gear menu. The next time you are on the Plains of Eidolon or in Orb Vallis you can pick Archwing Launcher to make use of it. 

Using archguns in ground missions

To use archguns in ground missions you need a Gravimag. You will get one for free after completing the Profit-Taker Orb Heist 3 that requires lots of farming bounties on Fortuna as prerequisite. That topic goes beyond this guide and will be covered separately.