Every other week Baro Ki’Teer visits a relay and brings rare items in exchange for ducats. Baro offers many different items that make the decision process tedious. Primed mods like Primed Flow, Primed Contiuty or Primed Pressure Point should be among the first things to get. But there is also the Ignis Wraith and the so-called 60/60 mods worth getting. I compiled a short shopping list ordered by priority for your first 10 things to get from Baro Ki’Teer.

Baro Ki’Teer shopping list for beginners

Ignis Wraith

If your clan does not have the Ignis Wraith blueprint in its dojo you should get the weapon directly from Baro Ki’Teer. It comes pre-build and can be used instantly if you have at least mastery rank 9. The Wraith variant compared to the normal Ignis has overall better stats. It will make farming runs and defense missions much easier. It is priced at 550 ducats and 250’000 credits.

60/60 elementary mods

Baro also brings all four sets of 60/60 elementary mods. These mods provide 60% damage increase and 60% status chance increase and Baro will bring all 4 mods belonging to one elementary mods set. Some of these mods – especially electricity –  are very hard to get otherwise and will cost up to 100 plat each when you buy them from other players. Whenever Baro brings a 60/60 elementary mods set make sure you buy those that you still miss. They are priced at 300 ducats and 150’000 credits each.

Primed Continuity

This is an all-time classic warframe mod that increases you ability duration significantly over the non-primed version. It is a mandatory mod when you want to use corrupted mods on your warframe. It is priced at 350 ducats and 100’000 credits. 

Primed Flow

Another all-time classic for energy hungry frames or energy reduction sorties. Primed Flow significantly increases your energy pool over the non-primed version. It is priced at 350 ducats and 110’000 credits. 

Primed Point Blank

Shotguns are already very strong in the primary weapon category but the Primed Pressure Point increases damage almost to double the amount the non-primed version does. This is a must buy from Baro. It is priced at 300 ducats and 110’000 credits.

Primed Pressure Point

Melee weapons are already very powerful in Warframe but with Primed Pressure Point you will do even more damage with the melee weapon of your choice. This was never to be released but now that we have it is a must buy for overpowered melee builds. It is priced at 385 ducats and 300’000 credits.

Primed Target Cracker

This one is to increase your crit damage for pistols significantly. Primed Target Cracker almost doubles the stats of its non-primed variant and is mandatory for pistol crit builds. It is priced at 400 ducats and 150’000 credits

Primed Pistol Gaming

For crit pistol builds this is the second mod you really need. You get more crit chance with the primed variant of Pistol Gambit. It is priced at 400 ducats and 220’000 credits.

Primed Reach

With Primed Reach you extend your melee range significantly – it almost triples the stats of the non-primed version. While the non-primed version only gives you a 60% increase, Primed Reach give a whopping 165% range increase. This turns many melee weapons into room clearer. It is priced at 300 ducats and 220’000 credits.

Primed Ravage

To significantly increase your shotgun crit damage you need to have Primed Ravage. Compared with the non-primed version it almost doubles crit damage. It is price at 280 ducats and 100’000 credits.

How often at what time visits Baro Ki’Teer

Baro Ki’Teer also known as the void trader visits every two weeks and stays for exactly 48 hours. He arrives on Friday at 9am Eastern Time (3pm European Central Time) and leaves on Sunday at 9am Eastern Time (3pm European Central Time). 

I would encourage you to make use of a Warframe tracker like tenno.tools or warframestat.us to see when Baro Ki’Teer arrives next. With a tracker you can easily check when Baro Ki’Teer arrives or leaves.  

Where to find Baro Ki’Teer

Baro Ki’Teer visits a random relay (https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Relay) every other week. 24 hours before Baro arrives you can see a little icon that floats over the star chart towards the relay Baro will visit. Once he arrives the icon will stay over the relay and might get a message from him announcing his arrival. 

Another good alternative to get his current location is, again, the use of a Warframe tracker page like tenno.tools or warframestats.us. These trackers do not only keep track when he arrives but also where he arrives and even what items he currently has for sale.

How and where to get Ducats to pay Baro Ki’Teer

Every item Baro Ki’Teer sells requires to two currencies

One currency are “normal” credits and you will need lots of credits to buy items from Baro Ki’Teer. He is a late game trader and you are required to know how to farm lots of credit. The Index and sorties are the most reliable sources for credits at the moment.  

The other currency is called Ducats. You get ducats by selling unwanted prime parts on the relay’s trade stations. You get prime parts by doing fissure missions. At the end of each fissure mission you can choose a prime part reward. And when you do not any reward for building prime weapons or warframes you can take that reward for selling at trade station. The higher the rarity of the prime item the more ducats you get for it. Rare prime items trade for 100 or 65 ducats, uncommon prime items for 45 ducats and common prime items for 15 ducats. 

If you want to know more about farming ducats than the How to get ducats guide bring you on the right track.

There is also a very active trading community for unwanted prime items that are turned in ducates. In trade chat you will find players looking for or selling prime junk. That means they trade 6 unwanted prime items – usually of common or uncommon rarity – for 12 platinum. You can benefit from junk trading in two ways. If you need prime parts to turn into ducats you can just spend 12 platinum for any 6 prime parts without the need to run fissure mission. The other way around is selling any 6 prime parts to other players in need of things to trade for ducats.  

You find the trade stations in the concourse of each relay and you can use them even when Baro is not around. On the day of his arrival you will find large crowds at these stations. 

Buy primed mods or Baro’s items from other players

Most non-cosmetic items that Baro Ki’Teer sells can be traded with other players. Apart from mastery rank requirements there is the player to player trading tax you need to be aware of. Any primed mod you buy from another player will cost you 1’000’000 credits in trade tax. That tax does not go to the player who sells you the mods but it is imposed by Warframe as a credit sink – a way to remove credits from the game – and discourage shopping sprees by new players.