Some resources in Deep Rock Galactic can be hard to spot because they are buried in the ground or walls. That is why I have compiled a complete yet easy to grasp list of all mineable resources you will come across. There are four resource types you will come across: mission objective resources, in-mission resources, equipment upgrade resources and brewing resources.  

Equipment upgrade resources

There are six different resources you can use for equipment upgrades in Deep Rock Galactic. They are distributed over 8 different biomes or areas Deep Rock Galactic currently includes. On your mission terminal you can see that each biome is home to two different of these resources in different rarities. Abundant resources are easier to find that particular biome and scarce resources are harder to come by. 

Enor Pearl

Type: hidden in ground


  • Sandblasted Corridors, Abundant
  • The Salt Pits, Abundant
  • Radioactive Exclusion Zone, Scarce
drg resource enor pearls

The best place to find Enor Pearls are missions in the Sandblasted Corridors and The Salt Pits. You might stumble across them in the Radioactive Exclusion Zone but they are much harder to find there. 

Enor Pearls are well hidden in the ground. You have to look for areas with small grey marbles covering the surface. Deactivating your head lamp (hold F) will not increase visibililty of the spot where the pearl is hidden. You need to focus your digging on in those parts where the small marbles get more closely together. When you finally found the Enor Pearl you have to carry one big pearl to your mule.  


Type: visible crystals above ground


  • Dense Biozone, Abundant
  • Crystalline Caverns, Scarce
  • Salt Pits, Scarce
drg resource bismor

Bismor crystals are easy to spot on the surface of any of the three biomes they are home to. The crystals have cubic form with a greenish-yellow color and are covered with brown spots. Dense Biozone offers the biggest chance to encounter multiple Bismor crystal but Crystalline Caverns and the Salt Pits also provide a few. 


Type: visible crystals above ground 


  • Radioactive Exclusion Zone, Abundant
  • Dense Biozone, Scarce
  • Glacial Strata, Scarce
drg resource umamite

Umamite is very easy to spot due to is slime-green color and its almost pillar form. Umamite crystals can be found in abundant quantities in the Radioactive Exclusion Zone. The Dense Biozone and Glacial Strata offer only scarce quantities but you will spot them often enough. 


Type: hidden in ground


  • Crystalline Caverns, Abundant
  • Fungus Bogs, Scarce
drg resource jadiz

Jadiz can be easy to miss because it is hidden in the ground and walls of the Crystalline Caverns and, in lesser quantities, in the Fungus Bogs. You can spot an area where Jadiz is hidden by a cluster of small greenish shards that look like Kryptonite. You should deactivate your headlight (hold F) when you want to unearth the big Jadiz crystal from the ground. The nearer you get to the Jadiz crystal the brighter the green glow will get.  You need to pick up the big Jadiz crystal and deposit into molly.


Type: visible crystals above ground 


  • Fungus Bogs, Abundant
  • Magma Core, Scarce
drg resource croppa

Croppa crystals have a green-metallic color with tiny purple spikes on their surface. They have pillar form and are more likely to be found on walls or ceilings. Croppa can be found in abundant quantities in the Fungus Bogs and in smaller quantities in Magma Core missions. 


Type: visible crystals above ground 


  • Glacial Strata, Abundant
  • Magma Core, Abundant
  • Sandblasted Corridors, Scarce
drg resource magnite

Magnite has a dark red color with small black spikes on it surface. The crystal have pillar shape form and can large quantities in the Glacial Strata and Magma Core biomes. Magnite can also be found in the Sandblasted Corridors but only in small quantities. 


Type: hidden in ground 

Locations: All biomes

drg resource err23

This resource is a very rare resource that can appear in any biome. It is hidden in the ground or walls and can be spotted by its cluster of small dark grey spikes coming from the ground. The unearthed resource is a black and white cube. Currently there is no ingame use for this resource. 

In-mission resources

In Deep Rock Galactic there are five in-mission resources that can be divided into two groups. The first group are resources that will be turned into credits when the mission is finished. And the second group can only be consumed while you are in mission. 


Type: visible vein

drg resource gold

Gold can be found in the form of a vein on wall and ceiling surfaces of all missions. It can easily be spotted even in caves with bad lighting because it has a unique shimmering golden glow. All gold that is mined in a mission will be converted into credits that is put on top of credits you gain for finishing the mission and side-objective. 

Compressed Gold

Type: hidden in ground

drg resource compressed gold

Compressed is the rare variant of gold. You can find it by looking for a place where many small gold nuggets can be seen on the surface. There is also a slight gold glow between those nuggets when you deactivate your headlight (hold F). When you dig into the surface you have to follow the gold glow until you find the large clump of gold. Carry that clump of gold to molly to make your deposit. 


Type: hidden in ground

drg resource bittergem

Bittergem like Compressed Gold is a rare resource hidden in the ground that also turn into credits at the end of the mission. But the payout for Bittergem is much higher than for gold. You can spot Bittergem in your environment by looking for a cluster of small pink glowing stones. There is also a slight pink glow the center. You need to dig right into the glowing center to find the large clump of Bittergem. Similar to Jadiz or Compressed Gold you have to carry Bittergem to molly to make a deposit.


Type: visible vein

drg resource nitra

Nitra is your “ammo-gem”. You need 80 Nitra for each supply drop containing ammo and health. You will spot the red glowing Nitra veins rather easy in all biomes. An average vein will cover around half of what you need for a supply drop. 

Red Sugar

Type: visible crystals above ground 

drg resource red sugar

Red Sugar are your health-gems that heal you immediately. They have a light red color, are half the size of are resource gems and stick out of the ground, walls and ceiling. You cannot hoard Red Sugar for later use. When you mine a crystal you will automatically pick up the amount of Red Sugar you need. The rest will fall to the ground and can be used by anyone who needs some health.  

Mission objective resources

The third group of resources are mission objective resources. Mining or gathering these resources can be your primary or secondary objective in Deep Rock Galactic. 


Type: visible vein

drg resource morkite

Finding Morkite is usually the primary objective of the mining expedition mission type. It is a dark blue mineral with a visible lighting effect that makes it easier to spot than most other resources. 


Type: hidden in ground 

drg resource aquarq

Aquarq is a mineral that you need to find in Point Extraction missions. It is hidden in the ground but you can easily spot it by looking for blue glowing areas that are surrounded by small blue crystals. Aquarq can be spotted in bad lighting and it occasionally spawns two Aquarq next to each other. The crystal itself is a large one similar to Jadiz that has to be carried to the mining rig. 

Alien Egg

Type: hidden in ground 

drg resource alien egg

Alien eggs are part of the Egg Hunt mission. You can spot the location of each egg on your mini map. They are also easy to find in bad lighting because they are surrounded by organic material and have a red glow. Similar to Aquarq you have to dig into the organic material to find and extract the egg. Once you found the egg a screen shake will occur and you might fight a freshly spawned wave of enemies. 


Type: visible crystals above ground 

drg resource hollomite

Collecting Hollomite is a regular secondary objective in missions. The crystals have a pillar form, have a dark purple color with tiny purple chunks on its surface. Hollomite either stands or lays  on the ground and is normally good to spot with decent lighting. 


Type: visible vein

Mining Dystrium is a popular secondary object in Point Extraction missions. It has a visible crystal vein in a dark blue color but with no additional glow. It can be very tough to spot in the Glacial Strata biome. 

Apoca Bloom

Type: visible surface resource

drg resource apoca bloom

Apoca Bloom is one of three non-mineable resources in Deep Rock Galactic. It is flora for you to pick up. They look like a cross between a flower and a palm tree. The white blossom emanates a white glow that makes spotting Apoca Bloom flower in total darkness easy. Those flows do not necessarily grow on the ground but can also be found on walls, ceilings or jammed between rocks. 

Boolo Cap

Type: visible surface resource

Boolo Cap is another non-mineable resource. It is a purple capped mushroom that you have to pick up. They have a purple glow in darkness that makes the easy to spot. Similar to Apaca Bloom they can be found on the ground, on walls, ceilings and between rocks. 


Type: visible surface resource

drg resource fossil

The final non-mineable resource are Fossils. They look like nummulitic limestone where the organism is dark blue colored on a yellow limestone. Fossils are hard to spot especially in the Sandblasted Corridors biome. They tend to be located on walls and ceilings. 

Brewing resources – Hops

Hops are used as ingredients to craft beer in your Abyss Bar. These beers can either provide buff for your next mission or offer funny “side effects” for everybody in the space rig.

Barley Bulb

Barley Bulbs are plants that are easy to spot because they have a red glowing blossom. Their appearance will remind you of spotlight. There are currently 8 different recipes that require Barley Bulbs. All of them provide buffs for the next mission.

Malt Star

drg resource malt star

Malt Star plants have a star shaped form and a neon green plus neon violet color scheme. They are, like all hops, easy to spot. Currently, 7 recipes require one or more Malt Star as ingredient.

Starch Nut

drg resource starch nut

Starch Nuts have easy to spot pink color acorns. You can find plants that hold a single nut or multiple nuts. Star Nuts are a required ingredient for 7 brewing recipes.

Yeast Cone

drg resource yeast cone

Yeast Cones look like miniaturized classic street lanterns with light blue lighting bulbs. Like the other hops they are easy to spot. There are 6 recipes that require Yeast Cones as an ingredient.