Extractors are a unique and sometimes forgotten way to farm some early to mid game resources without actively playing Warframe. Extractors, also known as resource drones, can be used on planets where all nodes have been cleared to extract resources either while playing Warframe or from the Warframe smartphone app without active playing. You can farm one resource from a pool of 4 resources of different rarities on each planet. The resources pools differ for each planet and the amount of resources extracted also varies.   

Resources worth farming with extractors

Extractors can farm one of four different resources from each planet. The resources vary from planet to planet and come from a limited pool of common (C), uncommon (U) and rare (R) resources. The most popular resource to farm with extractors are: Ferrite, Salvage, Alloy Plate, Plastids, Hexanon, Rubedo and Polymer Bundle

warframe deploy extractor

Here is the complete list of resources that can be farmed on the planet of the star chart with extractors.

  • Mercury:
    Ferrite (C), Polymer Bundle (U), Detonite Ampule (U), Morphics (R)
  • Venus:
    Alloy Plate (C), Fieldron Sample (U), Circuits (U), Polymer Bundle (R) 
  • Earth:
    Ferrite (C), Rubedo (U), Detonite Ampule (U), Neurodes (R)
  • Mars:
    Salvage (C), Morphics (U), Fieldron Sample (U), Gallium (R)
  • Phobos:
    Alloy Plate (C), Rubedo (U), Plastids (U), Morphics (R)
  • Ceres:
    Alloy Plate (C), Circuits (U), Detonite Ampule (U), Orokin Cell (R)
  • Jupiter:
    Alloy Plate (U) , Salvage (C), Hexanon (U), Neural Sensors (R)
  • Europa:
    Rubedo (C), Fieldron Sample (U), Control Module (R), Morphics (R)
  • Saturn:
    Nano Spores (C),  Plastids (U), Detonite Ampule (U), Orokin Cell (R)
  • Uranus:
    Polymer Bundle (C), Plastids (C), Detonite Ampule (U), Gallium (R)
  • Neptune:
    Ferrite (C), Nano Spores (C), Fieldron Sample (U), Control Module (R)
  • Pluto:
    Alloy Plate (C), Rubedo (U), Plastids (U), Morphics (R)
  • Sedna:
    Alloy Plate (C), Salvage (C), Rubedo (U), Detonite Ampule (U)
  • Eris:
    Nano Spores (C), Plastids (U), Neurodes (R), Mutagen Sample (R)
  • Lua:
    Ferrite (C), Rubedo (U), Detonite Ampule (U), Neurodes (R)
  • Kuva Fortress:
    Salvage (C), Circuits (U), Detonite Ampule (U), Neural Sensors (R)

You cannot use extractors in the Void nor in the Derelict. 

The resource rarity in the list does not necessarily need to be the same as it would be as a resource drop in missions. For most of the planets I made 100 extractor deploys to get proper statistics for rarities and resource amounts. If you enjoy statistics then the last chapter is for you.

You do not need to remember the above list because resources that can be farmed will again be shown when you deploy your extractors. More on that in the chapter How to use and deploy extractors

How many resources can be farmed with extractors

Farming resources with an extractor has multiple layers of rng. You get one of the four resources on the planet depending on how rare the resource is. The actual number of resources is within a range that also varies between the resources. 

mobile app extractor results

Many rare resources like Orokin Cell, Neural Sensor or Neurodes can be extracted as exactly 4 of them. Uncommon resources a few hundred per extraction and common resources around 1000 per extraction. 

Here are a few examples of common and uncommon resources I have farmed:

  • Hexanon (Jupiter): avg. 45 
  • Alloy Plate (Jupiter): avg. 640
  • Polymer Bundle (Uranus): avg. 475
  • Nano Spores (Eris): avg. 1200
  • Ferrite (Mercury): avg. 600 
  • Salvage (Mars): avg. 900
  • Plastids (Phobos): avg 120

The last paragraph of this guide contains complete statistics of 1200 extractor deploys I did as preparation for this article. 

How to get extractors

There are two different types of basic extractors: Titan Extractor and Distilling Extractor. Both have their blueprint for 50’000 credits in the marketplace. Best search for extractor and you will find the reusable blueprints.   

extractors in the marketplace

Titan Extractor

This extractor is suited for common resources. It has a 75.5% chance to bring back the common resource from that planet, a 22.5% chance to bring back an uncommon resource and a 2% chance of a rare resource. 

titan extractor foundry

The Titan Extractor is also significantly faster than the Distilling Extractor when it comes to extracting resources. It needs only 4 hours to complete its extraction process. 

Distilling Extractor

The Distilling Extractor is better suited to farm uncommon resources. It has a 65% chance to bring back uncommon resources, a 30% chance to bring back a common resource and a 5% chance to bring back a rare resource. 

distilling extractor foundry

The higher chance of uncommon resources comes at the price of a long extraction process. It takes 8 hours to finish one extraction run. 

Are Distilling and Titan Prime extractors worth getting?

Both extractors also have prime variants. There is a Distilling Prime and a Titan Prime extractor. Both are vaulted but occasionally the one or the other gets unvaulted as part of Prime Accessories. 

titan extractor prime foundry

Titan Prime doubles the amount of common resources that are extracted per run. That is especially helpful for Polymer Bundle farming on Uranus or Nano Spore farming on Eris. If you are looking for those or other common resources then the Titan Prime extractor is worth it

distilling extractor prime foundry

Distilling Prime extractors have a slight increase for getting uncommon resources compared to the non-prime version. That means that Distilling Prime has a 75% chance to get one uncommon resource instead of just 65%. That increase is not big enough; the Distilling Prime Extractor is not worth getting. 

How to use and deploy extractors

After you have acquired your extractors and understand what resources you can farm, you might wonder how to actually deploy them. 

Let’s start by building the extractor of your choice from the blueprint in your foundry. You can and should build more than one extractor because you can deploy multiple extractors to different planets. The number of extractors you can use at any time depends on your mastery rank

  • Mastery Rank 0-4: 1 extractor deploy
  • Mastery Rank 5-9: 2 extractor deploys
  • Mastery Rank 10+: 3 extractor deploys

If you have ever bought any form of Prime Access you will get one additional extractor deploy.

You can only deploy extractors on planets where all mission nodes have been completed. So, there should be no blue blinking node left in order to deploy an extractor. 

The process of deploying in the game is straightforward: 

  • Go into your star chart 
  • Choose a planet with all nodes competed
  • Look at the lower right corner, there is a symbol like this
    extractor symbol on star chart
  • Hover over it and click Deploy Extractor
    deploy extractor small version
  • Choose any of your extractors

Now that your drone is deployed it takes either 4 hours for Titan Extractor or 8 hours for a Distilling Extractor to get resources. You can recall all extractors before they finished extracting but you will get no resources.

After 4 or 8 hours you can reclaim your extractors. The way to reclaim them is similar but there is a difference in wording that might confuse you the first time. Go into your star chart and go to the planet you deployed your extractor. In the lower right you have to choose Resource Drones

resource drones lower right

You now see the familiar extractor icon that displays the resources it extracted on the planet. Hit Claim Now to receive the resources. Rinse and repeat for all planets. 

Please, use the mobile app for extractors

I highly recommend using the official Warframe mobile app for managing your extractors. You do not need to be logged into the game on your PC or console. You can farm resources while you are commuting, while you are on the toilet or in a boring meeting.  

mobile app overview

Choose Activities in the app and head to Extractors. Choose the extractor of your choice and you will get a list of planets you can use it on. Check back with the app 4 or 8 hours later and use Claim All to get all resources from all extractors.  

Extractors get damaged, what now?

Do not wait too long claiming your extractors. They occasionally get damaged and the longer they stay unclaimed the more damage they get. In the mobile app you can see the health meter at first glace. 

damaged extractors in mobile app

Extractors can theoretically get destroyed but only if you used an initially damaged extractor. Just follow the “Never use a damaged extractor” rule and you will be fine. Damaged extractors get auto-repaired over time. You do not have to worry about that. 

You should always build one or two spare extractors in case any of your current extractors come back damaged. Let the damaged extractors rest in your inventory and use the spare one instead. 

Extractors – best spots and resources to farm

From my experience there are a few spots worth visiting with extractors regularly.

For Alloy Plate go to Jupiter with a Distilling Extractor. For Polymer Bundle visit Uranus or Venus with a Titan Extractor. If you are looking for Plastids your best bets are Uranus or Phobos with a Distilling Extractor. Nano Spores can be found by using a Titan Extractor on Eris. And for Salvage you either use a Titan Extractor on the Kuva Fortress or on Mars.

If you are look for other possible resources use the complete listing of 1200 extractor runs at the end of the article for reference.


Extractors are a great addition to your early and mid-game farming of common and uncommon resources. That is the time when you need those resources the most. Polymer Bundle, Nano Spores, Plastids and Salvage are what you want to use your extractors for. Use the Titan for common resource farming and the Distilling for uncommon resource farming.

Both extractors will give you the occasional rare resource as a bonus but extractors are not made for farming rare resources.

The most important thing about extractors ist that through the use of the mobile app you can farm without having to access your PC or gaming console.

Passive extractor farming statistics

There is no official information about how many resources can be farmed and some unexpected resources count as common on some planets. That is why I deployed my extractors 100 times on 12 planets between November 2019 and May 2020. 

I calculated the percentage of often a resource was found, what the smallests (min) and the biggest (max) resource count was and what the average resource count was. 

Here are the results for those of you that enjoy number crunching:

100 Distilling Extractor runs on Jupiter

  • Date: Nov 19 – Jan 20
  • Alloy Plate: 41%, min 329, max 894, avg 636
  • Hexanon: 37%, min 30, max 60, avg 46
  • Salvage: 20%, min 650, max 1172, avg 883
  • Neural Sensor: 2%, min 4, max 4, avg 4

100 Distilling Extractor runs on Saturn

  • Date: Nov 19 – Jan 20
  • Detonite Ampule: 54%, min 6, max 6, avg 6
  • Plastids: 24%, min 121, max 184, avg 153
  • Nano Spores: 18%, min 1255, max 1597, avg 1442
  • Orokin Cell: 4%, min 4, max 4, avg 4

100 Titan Extractor runs on Uranus

  • Date: Nov 19 – Jan 20
  • Polymer Bundle: 48%, min 320, max 598, avg 473
  • Plastids: 42%, min 122, max 196, avg 159
  • Detonite Ampule: 8%, min 6, max 6, avg 6
  • Gallium: 2%, min 7, max 7, avg 7

100 Titan Extractor runs on Eris

  • Date: Nov 19 – Jan 20
  • Nano Spores: 79%, min 1201, max 1580, avg 1381
  • Plastids: 18%, min 96, max 175, avg 125
  • Mutagen Sample: 2%, min 4, max 4, avg 4
  • Neurodes: 1%, min 4, max 4, avg 4

100 Distilling Extractor runs on Earth

  • Date: Jan 20 – Mar 20
  • Detonite Ampule: 63%, min 6, max 6, avg 6
  • Rubedo: 19%, min 121, max 200, avg 165
  • Ferrite: 13%, min 410, max 774, avg 620
  • Neurodes: 5%, min 4, max 4, avg 4

100 Distilling Extractor runs on Phobos

  • Date: Jan 20 – Mar 20
  • Alloy Plate: 47%, min 317, max 886, avg 610
  • Plastids: 35%, min 90, max 171, avg 119
  • Rubedo: 16%, min 122, max 198, avg 157
  • Morphics: 2%, min 4, max 4, avg 4

100 Titan Extractor runs on Mercury

  • Date: Jan 20 – Mar 20
  • Ferrite: 61%, min 405, max 797, avg 601
  • Detonite Ampule: 19%, min 6, max 6, avg 6
  • Polymer Bundle: 18%, min 256, max 450, avg 351
  • Morphics: 2%, min 4, max 4, avg 4

100 Titan Extractor runs on Mars

  • Date: Jan 20 – Mar 20
  • Salvage: 66%, min 618, max 1197, avg 902
  • Morphics: 16%, min 6, max 6, avg 6
  • Fieldron Sample: 15%, min 6, max 6, avg 6
  • Gallium: 3%, min 8, max 12, avg 10

100 Titan Extractor runs on Venus

  • Date: Apr 20 – May 20
  • Polymer Bundle: 37%, min 321, max 599, avg 442
  • Alloy Plate: 26%, min 425, max 1195, avg 797
  • Circuits: 25%, min 281, max 400, avg 343
  • Fieldron Sample: 12%, min 6, max 6, avg 6

100 Titan Extractor runs on Ceres

  • Date: Apr 20 – May 20
  • Alloy Plate: 44%, min 434, max 1195, avg 770
  • Circuits: 37%, min 281, max 400, avg 341
  • Detonite Ampule: 17%, min 6, max 6, avg 6
  • Orokin Cell: 2%, min 4, max 4, avg 4

100 Titan Extractor runs on Lua

  • Date: Apr 20 – May 20
  • Ferrite: 43%, min 168, max 800, avg 590
  • Rubedo: 41%, min 121, max 200, avg 164
  • Detonite Ampule: 14%, min 6, max 6, avg 6
  • Neurodes: 3%, min 4, max 4, avg 4

100 Titan Extractor runs on Kuva Fortress

  • Date: Apr 20 – May 20
  • Salvage: 53%, min 616, max 1195, avg 917
  • Detonite Ampule: 23%, min 6, max 6, avg 6
  • Circuits: 20% min 210, max 298, avg 264
  • Neural Sensors: 3%, min 4, max 7, avg 6