After playing Warframe for the past 4 years I love to share useful tips – first mission gives double credits – with beginners. Through my own experience and endless hours scouring reddit and the warframe forums I distilled the following 25 tips to make your farming more efficient and your life in Warframe easier. There is a slightly dated video guide I made if you prefer watching youtube.

1 – First Mission finished each day gives double credits

The first mission after you got your daily tribute gives double credits. This stacks with a credit booster to 4x credits for the first mission. Best make it a habit to start with a mission that already gives more credits like a single extractor run on Hieracon (Pluto), any other Dark Sector mission or sortie.

2 – Starter platinum cannot be traded

You cannot trade your starter platinum – or plat or just p – with other players. You have to spend it in the marketplace. Best use it for a warframe slot at 20 plat and two pair of weapon slots for 2x 12 plat.  

3 – Do not buy weapons for plat, get their blueprints and build them

When you look at the market all weapons (and warframes) will display a blueprint price next to the platinum price. All weapons can be built from blueprints. Some blueprints cannot be bought with credits directly from the marketplace. The Build Requirements will then show the details of where to go to get the weapon blueprint.

4 – Vacuum on every sentinel and Fetch on every quadruped

Resources are very important and you never want to miss out on them even when you rush through a mission. Bring a companion to every mission you start. Make sure your companion always has a way to collect resources for you. For sentinels and moas that is the Vacuum mod and for Kavats and Kubrows that is the Fetch mod. 

5 – Let your companions heal you with Medi-Ray or Hunter Recovery

On your way through the star chart you will get hit a lot. Your companions are able to heal you. For sentinels and moas there is the Medi-Ray mod that heals 12% every 15 seconds. For Kavats and Kubrows we have Hunter Recovery where 30% of the damage the companion does is used to heal your warframe. 

6 – Syndicate weapon mods and weapons that heal you

Syndicate weapon mods like Scattered Justice for the Hek or Shattering Justice for the Sobek  provide 25% health regain whenever their Justice effect is triggered. This works for all Steel Meridian mods and weapons (e.g. Vaykor Hek) that have Justice either innate or applied through a mod. The same health regain is also provided by all New Loka weapon mods and weapons (e.g. Sancti Tigris) that have the Purity effect and by all Arbiters of Hexis weapon mods and weapons (e.g. Telos Boltace) that have the Truth effect. 

7 – Switch shoulders

Whether you did it by accident or you want to watch your warframe over the other should. Press H on your keyboard to switch shoulder view between left and right. 

8 – Q key opens gear wheel in missions

In your arsenal you can add items to your gear. Once in mission accessing an item you put there can be done by pressing Q on your keyboard. This will open the spiral gear wheel where you can see and access all items equipped. 

9 – Remove item from gear

If you want to remove something from you gear, go into arsenal. There you have to click on the item you want to remove and replace it with the first item on the list called “None”. There is no remove from gear button.

10 – Non-prime warframe parts and blueprints cannot be traded with other players

While you can trade prime warframe blueprints with other players, you cannot trade non-prime warframe blueprints with other players. You have to acquire every blueprint – warframe, neuroptics, systems, chassi – by yourself either by farming or in some cases through dojo tenno lab. The only other alternative is buying the warframe from the market. 

11 – Increase FOV

You should increase FOV in your Options > Display menu to make it easier to look around. While your are in the Display section I would advise you to disable Enable Screen Shake and Motion Blur because they can easily make you motion sick.  

12 – There are two different day and night cycles on earth

On the Plains of Eidolon on Earth there is a 100 minutes day followed by 50 minutes night. This cycle is called the Cetus day-night-cycle and it is important for Eidolon hunting. On the rest of the earth tilesets there is 4 hours day followed by 4 hours night. This is called the earth day-night-cycle and it is important for the Titania mission. I highly recommend warframe trackers like or to when your farming depends on those cycles. 

13 – Spy cheese with ciphers

Ciphers auto-solve hacking in spy mission. You can buy cipher blueprints from the market and build them in your foundry. You have to equip them to your gear wheel and next time stand in front of a terminal or bursa you want to hack press Y to auto-solve. Keep in mind it has to be the position of Y key for US keyboards.

But ciphers do not work in sorties and arbitrations.

14 – Dying means losing affinity

If go into bleed-out while doing a mission, best wait until another tenno revives you. Do not just respawn because you will lose large parts of your affinity. Affinity is needed to rank up weapons and warframes. 

15 – Prime weapons and warframe in a nutshell

Prime weapons and warframes are stronger versions of non-prime ones, they come from relics you get in many missions. Relics are opened during fissure missions. They can be accessed through your mission selection in the upper right when accessing the star chart. Details on refining relics to increase chance at rare parts are explained as you progress through the star chart.

I would strongly advise to run fissure missions in groups as it provides a better chance of getting something rare.

16 – Do not buy warframe for platinum without knowledge

Every non-prime warframe can be bought for plat in the marketplace. Do not buy warframes for plat before you understand how you can acquire the warframe blueprints through farming. Some warframes like Inaros require you to go through a mission to get all parts. For other warframes like Volt blueprints can be bought in the clan tenno lab. There are also warframes where you cannot buy the blueprint the market but farm certain places.

Buying a warframe with platinum should be a conscious choice to either skip the grind or support the developers. 

17 – Activate “Show Player List” in your options menu

If you go on mission you will be joined by up to 3 other tenno. This is a seamless and unobtrusive core experience of Warframe that even introverts like me can handle.

If you cannot see the life bar and names of you squad mates in mission make sure you activate Show Player List in the Options menu under Interface.

17 – Argon Crystals decay

Argon Crystals are a rare resource found in missions in the Void. They have the unique ability that they decay over time. That means that whatever amount you farmed today, half of it will be gone tomorrow. Decay always goes for full numbers; meaning 9 Argon Crystals today leaves 4 for tomorrow. And 1 Argon Crystal today means no Argon Crystal tomorrow. 

18 – Practice mastery rank tests

When you reach the threshold for your next mastery rank you are informed that you can take you next mastery rank test. You can and you should practice that test first. Go to any relay, go upstairs to Simaris room and there go to the right. You will find each mastery rank test you are allowed to do for you to practice. 

19 – Fast travel in hubs

You want to save time going to Simaris in the relay? Just use fast travel. It is accessible in all relays but Maroo’s Bazar, on Cetus and on Fortuna. Hit the ESC button on your keyboard and the first option is fast travel. Then just choose where you want to go. 

20 – Pink cyst

Every warframe you use in mission with other players will become infected a pink cyst. It will take 7 days to grow from a small pink thing to a big cyst with a hair in it. That full grown cyst can be used to breed a Helminth Charger. But you can also remove that cyst after it is full grown. You have to go the Helminth Infirmary. It is in your orbiter to the left and down coming from you arsenal. There you have to use the chair to the cyst removed. 

21 – Sell duplicate mods for credits or endo

After playing for a while you will own multiple copies of mods. You can sell them either for credits or endo in you mod station. There is a useful drop down called duplicates that allows proper sorting in order to find the right mods to sell. 

22 – Weekly Ayatan mission

Every week Maroo will give you a mission to a get free Ayatan. Ayatans are statues that can be converted into endo. Once you see the mission visit Maroo’s Bazar on Mars and talk to her. The Ayatan mission will either start in the Void or the Derelict. 

23 – unstuck

If you are ever stuck just use the /unstuck command directly in chat. Open chat by pressing T and write /unstuck and you will be released from your misery. 

24 – Bullet jump, roll & aim glide

Warframe is all about movement. Learn fluid and continuous movement for maximum farming efficiency and to stay alive longer.

First learn and use bullet jump which is crouch + jump together. Before you hit the ground make sure you roll to not lose momentum. Both combined are very powerful for fast movement. Finally learn to use aim glide which is the right mouse button while in the air. It feels almost slow motion and you can easily control where to fly. You can also shoot stuff from up there.  

25 – Ignore other players

Sometimes you have to do the anti-social thing if a not so friendly tenno spams you with direct messages. You can right-click on the tab with his name and choose ignore to not get any more messages.  

Youtube – 25 veteran tips for Warframe beginner

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