The Kuva Lich is a personalized high level mini-boss that only you can defeat. It drops rare ephemeras, powerful Kuva variant weapons or can be used to support you in random missions. A Kuva Lich can only be found in Grineer missions after you completed the War Within quest. To defeat a Kuva Lich you need have equipped the correct 3 Requiem mods in the correct order on your Parazon. Every time you fail to defeat your Kuva Lich, it will get stronger.

The Kuva Lich as a personalized enemy and the long process of defeating it is something for your late game. You need to have proper builds to stand your ground against level 70-100 enemies and the lich mini-boss. It is helpful to view creating and defeating multiple Kuva Liches as a long term veteran project.

How to find a Kuva Lich

The first requirement before you can start your hunt for a Kuva Lich is to make sure you have finished the War Within quest. Next you have to go on any regular level 20+ mission where you fight Grineer. Best pick a mission on Sedna or Saturn that is not a sortie, fissure mission or a currently active questline.

inmission announcement of kuva larvling

Before you start on your mission you should consider the warframe you want to bring to the mission. The warframe that kills the Kuva Larvling decides the additional elemental damage of the weapon the Kuva Lich will drop once defeated.

  • Toxin: Atlas, Ivara, Khora, Nekros, Nidus, Oberon, Saryn
  • Radiation: Ash, Equinox, Garuda, Loki, Mirage, Nyx, Octavia
  • Electricity: Banshee, Excalibur, Limbo, Nova, Valkyr, Volt
  • Cold: Frost, Gara, Hildryn, Revenant, Titania, Trinity
  • Magnetic: Harrow, Hydroid, Mag, Mesa
  • Heat: Chroma , Ember, Inaros, Nezha, Vauban, Wisp
  • Impact: Baruuk, Gauss, Grendel, Rhino, Wukong, Zephyr

When you enter a level 20+ mission you have a small chance to encounter a Kuva Larvling. The presence of a Kuva Larvling will be announced by a small flash and dialog in the lower right of your screen. You will see the Kuva Larvling on you minimap and in your HUD. All you have to do, is to find it, kill it like any other enemy in the mission and perform a mercy kill.

defeat kuva larvling

From this point on you have a Kuva Lich and the Kuva Lich icon will be available in your navigation menu.

kuva lich icon in menu

You can access all relevat information about your lich. It is important to understand weapon weaknesses and resistances of your Kuva Lich. You can only have a sinlge Kuva Lich at any given time.

kuva lich status

How to defeat a Kuva Lich

Defeating you Kuva Lich can only be done when you start a mission that is in the area the Kuva Lich influences. You also must have equipped the correct Requiem mods in the correct order. Thus, defeating a Kuva Lich requires a proper approach.

Get all Requiem mods

Before you consider fighting your Kuva Lich you have to acquire all 8 currently available Requiem mods. You will need 3 of those mods equipped on your Parazon in the proper order to take down the lich.

You will get a Requiem mod from opening one of the four Requiem relics. Each requiem relic contains two different requiem mods.

Requiem relics just like Void relics can be refined. The higher the refinement the more likely you are to get a Requiem relic mods. Refined is done in the Void relic station in your orbiter and requires Void traces.

requiem relic refinement screen

Requiem relics drop with 50% drop chance from Kuva siphon missions and with 100% drop chance from those much tougher Kuva Flood missions. Both mission types appear on the three nearest planets to the Kuva Fortress and will be displayed with either a small blood drop or for Kuva Flood with three blood drops. You can also you the Alert section in your navigation.

After you acquired you one or more Requiem relics you have to go on a fissure mission in the Kuva Fortress. They can be accessed like any other fissure mission.

When you start the mission you can choose which of your Requiem relics you want to take into the mission. The mission itself works the same way like “normal” fissure missions. Enemies drop reactant you have to collect until you have 10 of them.

choose requiem fissure reward

At the end of the current mission or wave you can choose your reward. This can include zero, one, two, three or even four requiem mods.

requiem fissure mission

Refining Requiem mods will increase the chance of dropping those uncommon Requiem mods. Intact relics provide 11% drop chance per requiem mod, Exceptional 13% drop chance per requiem mod, Flawless 17% drop chance per mod and Radiant 20% drop chance per requiem mod.

Requiem Relic ILohk, Xata
Requiem Relic IIJahu, Vome
Requiem Relic III Ris, Fass
Requiem Relic IV Khra, Netra

Keep in mind: A requiem mod can only be used for 3 successful Kuva Lich fights. After that it will loose its charges and has to be acquired again from Kuva Fortress fissure missions.

Find the correct Requiem mods

kuva lich territory planets

To find the required Requiem mods you have to play missions that are under the influence of your Kuva Lich. Planets under the influence of your Kuva Lich are surrounded by red mist.

kuva lich territory mission nodes

Make sure you pick a mission where the node is also surrounded by red mist and the mission title starts with the name of your Kuva Lich. These missions are high level missions starting at 55-70 but can go up to level 100. You can and should play your Kuva Lich missions public because you will be matched with other tenno also trying to find the correct requiem mods.

Playing public not only helps those mission finish faster but also gives you a fighting squad of players in case your lich shows up.

start mission on kuva lich territory

Once in mission you will encounter Kuva Lich Thralls who will help you to reveal the required Requiem mods. They are marked with a special icon on your HUD. You have to kill as many Kuva Lich Thralls as possible to fill your “murmur meter”.

kuva lich thrall

After you have killed a thrall it will get on its knees and you can use your Parazon on them. This will provide a small sliver of progress towards uncovering a Requiem mod. It will take multiple missions to uncover a single Requiem mod needed.

kuva lich thrall ready to take down

Your Kuva Lich will regularly appear in those mission. Trying to take down your Kuva Lich will significantly increase your murmur progress. This also goes for other players’ liches. But if you do not have the right combination of Requiem mods you will die instantly and your Kuva Lich will rank up. A rank up means your Kuva Lich is harder to kill next time.

You should start a direct fight with your Kuva Lich the first time once you discovered the first Requiem mod. For the second direct encounter I would advise to wait until you found the second Requiem mod.

requiem murmur

After each mission parts of your rewards will be taken by the Kuva Lich. Taken rewards can be mods, sortie rewards, warframe blueprint and resources.

Fighting the Kuva Lich

This is the way I fight my liches. But there are different approaches regarding the best timing of a direct encounter.

When you have uncovered the first Requiem mod you need to put them on your Parazon. There is a section at the lower right that say Modify Parazon. Go there and equip your first mod and then two other Requiem mods of your choice.

kuva lich almost all requiem mods found

Mod either your primary and your secondary weapon according to the Kuva Lich weakness. You have to the status page of your Kuva Lich to find its elemental weakness. Then, start a mission in the influence area of your Kuva Lich where the Kuva Lich spawns.

When you fight your Kuva Lich directly, do not get too close. Try shoot the Kuva Lich with the weapon modded to its weakness until it gets on his knees. Now you can use your Parazon. If the found mod is correct you will strike a blow, otherwise you will die instantly.

parazon requiem mod order

No matter the result you have learned a lot about the position of that first Parazon mod. If it was the first mod, great. If it was not the first mod, then also great because it can only should be the second or third mod on your next try.

Try to find the next Requiem mod by collecting more murmur. Equip it according to the results of your first encounter and fight your Kuva Lich again. By the time you have uncovered all Requiem mods you should only need to shuffle your order around a bit to find the killing match.

fight your kuva lich

A final word on how to fight your Kuva Lich. Bring a warframe that can hold its ground against level 100 enemies, that can tank damage and/or amplify damage. Bring your best gear in terms of weapons that is properly modded for weakness. You should also have some ammo, health and energy restores ready. Be prepared and expect a though fight.

Decide how to defeat the Kuva Lich

After you have defeated your Kuva Lich you can choose between Vanquish and Convert. Vanquish will kill the Kuva Lich and you will get its weapon. Convert will keep the Kuva Lich alive and it will occasionally fight on your side in missions.

All resources, mods and any other items by the Kuva Lich in previous missions will refounded.

Kuva Lich rewards

You will only receive rewards when you vanquish your Kuva Lich. The signature weapon of the lich will be a guaranteed drop. These weapons will have additional stats depending on the warframe you used to initally kill the Kuva Larvling.

kuva lich weapon reward

All Kuva variant weapons can reach rank 40 instead of the usual rank 30. You have to put 5 forma on a Kuva weapon to get it to rank 40.

There is also a small drop chance for one of seven ephemeras.