The general rule to make platinum in Warframe is to sell items other tenno do not want to farm. Not everybody likes every mission, not everybody has the time or the equipment to run every mission and some tenno just have bad luck with the drops. There will always be demand for items. Prices may vary over time. Best check for the current pricing.

If you do not know how to sell in Warframe, head over to my other article where I explain in detail how and where to sell items in Warframe.

Make up to 20 platinum per trade, beginner

Rare mods from Void Treasure Rooms, 4-10p

Void missions always spawn treasure rooms. These have lots of containers that you can easily open with an Ignis or Limbo. These containers can for example contain Rage (10p), Continuity (5p), Split Chamber (4p). You can sell them on trade chat as well as

Ayatan sculptures, 4-12p

The Ayatan sculptures are traded for their Endo value. They sell most of the time filled with Ayatan stars. The most popular of the bunch is the Ayatan Anasa that usually goes for around 12p when you fill in all Ayatan stars. The Orta sells for around 8p filled. The rest is much harder to sell but goes for 4-6p each. Trade chat or are good places to find buyers.

Prime Junk, 12p

Prime junk always sells especially when Baro Ki’Teer is around every other week. You sell 6 prime items and get 12p in return. It is not much but it will clean up your inventory and provide an easy way to make platinum for warframe or weapon slots. I would highly suggest you make a list with items worth selling before you start this. Easiest to find buyers is to put WTS prime junk 6/12p in trade chat.

Requiem mods (10p)

To defeat Kuva Liches you have to possess the right 3 of 8 available requiem mods. Not everybody gets the right drops and you can easily sell duplicates to other players. While you will not make much platinum with them, it is nothing to be scoffed at. Requiem mods sell very fast through trade chat or

Uncommon and rare archwing mods, 8-15p

Archwing mods are always hard to get and therefore in good demand. The older mods like System Reroute, Electrified Barrel, Hollowed Bullets or Kinetic Diversion that you can find in archwing missions go for 8-15p. Best place to get them is Caelus on Uranus.

The newer ones that drop in the regular Formorian event like Ion Infusion, Magma Chamber, Charged Bullets or Contamination Casing go for 10-15p.

Syndicate augment mods and arch-gun parts, 10-15p

No tenno can be on good terms with all syndicates at all times. And because of that, augment mods and archgun parts sell reasonably well. Warframe augment mods like Accumulating Whipclaw (Red Veil, Steel Meridian), Regenerative Molt (Red Veil, Steel Meridian) or Despoil (Red Veil, Perrin Sequence) go for 10-15p but their demand varies depending on current trends. Best check for those augment mods your syndicates have to offer.

Arch-gun weapon parts have seen a significant rise due to Railjack. Arch-gun parts are scattered all over the syndicates. Fluctus, Corvas and Phaedra parts seem to be the most popular and they sell for 10-13p through

Corrupted mods, 15p

Corrupted mods come from Orokin vaults in the Derelict and are needed for all late game builds. Blind Rage, Fleeting Expertise, Overextended, Narrow Minded, Transient Fortitude and Heavy Caliber do always sell. Ever since solo farming Orokin Vaults is possible prices have come down. But you can still make 15p for the rare mods I mentioned before. 

Make up to 100 platinum per trade, intermediate

Arbitration reward mods, 15-25p

Mods from Arbitration rotation rewards have lost significant plat value but they still give a nice 25p snack from long term players. Rolling Guard and Vigorous Swap still sell for around 15 and Preparation + Power Donation for 25p. Trade chat and will help you sell the mods. 

Syndicate weapons, 25-35p

As you already know, no tenno can be on good terms with all syndicates at all times. All base syndicates offer at their highest rank weapons that other tenno might want to acquire. Weapons like the Sancti Tigris from New Loka go for around 35p, Vaykor Hek for 30p, Rakta Cernos for 35p. Getting these weapons in the first place requires a regular syndicate farming schedule. Use to sell syndicate weapons.

Veiled Rivens, 7-45p

When you do not want to take the chance of unveiling a riven mod and investing time and Kuva in cycling the best possible stats, you can just sell veiled rivens. They go for different prices. Veiled pistol rivens are on the lower end with 7-10p.  Kitgun, zaw and arch-gun riven are also on the lower end with 15-20p. Shotgun rivens are the middleground with around 30-35p. Veiled rifle and melee rivens are currently on the upper end; they go for 45p. Veiled rivens sell very fast on trade chat and on 

Invasion weapon sets, 30-50p

Although invasions pop up regularly some complete weapons sets are to be in decent demand all the time. Snipetron Vandal and Sheev set go for around 35p. A complete Karak Wraith set is at around 50p. They do not sell very fast but they make a good profit. I advise to sell them on

Basic Lens, Eidolon Lens & Eidolon Lens blueprint, 10-70p

Basic lenses drop from bounties on the Plains Of Eidolon. The more popular ones like the Zenurik or Madurai lens make you 10p each. Eidolon lens blueprints sell for solid 20p. The blueprint and the basic lenses sell reasonably fast. Fully built Eidolon lenses sell for 50-70 but they take a while to sell. Lenses are best sold through

Rare parts or complete sets of latest Prime Access, 10-120p

Everybody wants to have that fancy new warframe and its signature weapons. Uncommon and rare parts of the latest Prime access always sell fast for prices of 10-50p. Complete sets sell for 60-120p depending on how long the Prime Access has been out. Sets sell fast on either and trade chat.

Cephalon Simaris mods, 50-55p

Through daily scans you can quickly gather lots of standing with Cephalon Simaris. From his large pool of offering the mods Health Conversion and Energy Conversion are always in good demand. They evergreens and have lost in value only slightly over the years. Each of them sell for 50-55p either in trade chat or on 

Baro Ki’Teer items – same day, 30-60p

Every other week Baro brings a random number of prime mods, dual stat mods and weapons that are worth reselling. Same day sales is one of the simplest ways to make decent platinum. Not every Tenno enjoys grinding for prime parts and then selling them for ducats. Prime mods, electricity dual stat mods and weapons in particular go for 30-60p per item when Baro is around. They trade very well in trade chat.

Make more than 200 platinum per trade, veteran

Baro Ki’teer items – 2 months later, 100-200p

Another more profitable strategy to make platinum off Baro’s items is holding them for at least 2 months. Some weapons like the Prisma Twin Gremlins, Prisma Grakata or Vulkar Wraith come only 3 times per year and they sell for up to 200p. Popular prime mods like Primed Continuity, Primed Flow, Primed Pressure Point, Primed Pistol Gambit or Primed Target Cracker will go above 100p after a short while. Electricity dual stat mods are also always worth the wait because they will sell for 100p. For this strategy you should use because you might forget about the mods in your inventory.

ESO Lato and Braton Vandal, 50-300p

Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (ESO) brought the Lato Vandal and Braton Vandal back into the game. They are collector’s items and are still very popular. Complete sets sell for around 200-300p for both Vandals. Some of their parts like the Braton Vandal stock or the Lato Vandal barrel also sell for 60-70p. Selling them through is your best choice. 

Make more than 200 platinum per trade, veteran no-lifer

R10 primed mods, 250-400p

A very old strategy to make platinum from primed mods is selling maxed out rank 10 (R10) variants. Ranking up a primed mod requires 1,976,436 credits and 40,920 endo. Many Tenno prefer to save credits and endo. The buyer still has to pay 1 million credits trade tax but that is still cheaper and almost 2 million credits in rank up costs. Evergreen primed mods are Primed Flow, Primed Continuity, Primed Point Blank, Primed Pressure Point, Primed Target Cracker, Primed Pistol Gambit. Here again is the better place for selling because they sell slowly. 

Warframe Arcanes (10-500p)

Arcanes for your warframe came from hunting Eidolons. With the Scarlet Spear event another source for arcanes got introduced that shortly drove down prices. But still a rank 5 Arcane Grace or Arcane Energize sells for 450-500p. Single unranked arcanes sell only for 10-25p.

There are also many different arcanes for zaws, kitguns, amps and operators but most sell for 5p for a single, if they sell at all. The only good selling non-warframe arcanes are Magus Nourish and Magus Lockdown. Both sell for around 100p at rank 5.  

Unveiled Rivens, 10-2000p

As a platinum strategy selling rivens sounds too good to be true. A great riven for the current popular weapon can make you 1000-2000p. But getting that riven is like playing with a slot machine. The majority of rivens is for unpopular weapons and a trash roll. They sell for as low as 10p. Trash rivens for popular weapons can give 60-100p but popularity changes with new weapons and riven disposition changing. Selling is very time consuming in trade chat. has an auction section for rivens that works well but also requires some manual work and a lot of waiting.