Twice a year the Plague Star event helps tenno to stock up on forma, cetus wisps, get the infamous Plague Kripath & Keewar zaw parts and all Hunter mods. This article will guide you through the 15-20 minute long mission, helps you to find the right warframes for the job and highlights the most important rewards.

The best warframes for the Plague Star event

Some warframes are easier than others but there is a pretty short list of one no-go warframes. Rule of thumb for this event is: You want to bring instant AOE or buff warframes because you need high damage output for the main boss as well as constant wiping of the hordes that harass your squad. Also keep in mind that you need to be able to take a punch because enemy damage output in the last part of the mission can be quite relentless.

Rhino, beginner’s choice

One of the best beginner choices for this event is Rhino or Rhino Prime. A balanced build with focus on power strength will allow you to use Iron Skin (2) for your survivability and cast Roar (3) to boost damage for your entire team. Rhino is easy to play and easy to mod even for less experienced players. 

plague star rhino build suggestion 1 forma
  • Aura: Rifle Amp
    if you use a rifle for the boss fight
  • Armored Agility (R5), Vitality (R10), Transient Fortitude (R7), Streamline (R5), Continuity (R5), Intensify (R5), Augur Secrets (R5), Stretch (R5)

This basic build requires only a single forma and apart from Transient Fortitude uses only mid game mods. The Rifle Amp is only in it to buff rifle damage if you use one against the boss. This build has been kept simple on purpose and can be extented with more corrupted mods, primed mods and arcanes.

Titania, casual player build

Another easy to understand and to use warframe for Plague Star is Titania. She excels at mowing down hordes with properly modded Dex Pixia while in using Razorwing (4). But she can also buff the team with her Tribute (2) ability.

plague star titania build suggestion 0 forma
  • Aura: Pistol Amp to increase Dex Pixia damage
  • Intensify (R5), Flow (R5), Streamline (R5), Narrow Minded (R7), Transient Fortitude (R7), Continuity (R5), Vigor (R5), Aviator (R3)

This simple zero forma build will allow non-veterans to successfully build Titania for a decent damage output of her Dex Pixia. Like the previous Rhino build this a simple build on purpose.

plague star dex pixia suggestion 0 forma
  • Hornet Strike (R10), Lethal Torrent (R5), Target Cracker (R5), Jolt (R3), Pistol Gambit (R5), Pistol Pestilence (R3), Augur Pact (R5), Frostbite (R3)

This Dex Pixia build also requires no forma and you can increase damage output later in the game by using Primed Target Cracker, Primed Pistol Gambit and Pathogen Rounds and Convulsion.

Mesa, Peacemaker for beginner’s

Mesa or Mesa Prime is the next on our list but you have to play her more mobile than usual. Her Peacemaker (4) will reduce large mobs very fast. Best activate Peacemaker when you jump into an enemy horde and do a 360 to clean up all around you. Then get moving again to the next mob. Always keep your Shattershield (3) up for survivability and activate Shooting Gallery (2) to provide damage buffs to your team

plague star mesa build suggestion 0 forma
  • Aura: Pistol Amp to increase Peacemaker damage
  • Fleeting Expertise (R5), Augur Message (R5), Continuity (R5), Vigor (R5), Constitution (R3), Intensify (R5), Augur Accord (R5), Augur Secrets (R5)

Her zero forma build is again a simple version for more casual tenno. You can replace Continuity and Vigor with their Prime variants later on. The augur mods a just an additional layer of survivablity you can replace when you go for a meta build.

plague star regulators build suggestion 1 forma
  • Hornet Strike (R10), Target Cracker (R5), Pistol Gambit (R5), Lethal Torrent (R5), Convulsion (R5), Pistol Pestilence (R3), Pathogen Rounds (R5), Anemic Agility (R5)

Her Regulator build requires just 1 forma and can be upgraded later on by replacing Pistol Gambit and Target Cracker with the Prime variants.

Volt, beginner’s nuke

Volt or Volt Prime is another useful choice because of the crit damage buff his Electric Shield (3). The shield doubles any crit damage while shooting through the shield. This comes very handy when taking down the three heads of the Hemocyte. Volt’s Speed (2) ability will make movement and reloading much faster for the team. If you have access to the Capacitance augment, his Discharge (4) will also increase team survivability by topping up team shields. 

plague star volt build suggestion 1 forma
  • Aura: Corrosive Projection
  • Stretch (R5), Transient Fortitude (R7), Streamline (R5), Continuity (R5), Augur Reach (R5), Capacitance (R3), Intensify (R5), Vigor (R5)

This build is a 1 forma build that can be extented later on. Apart from Transient Fortitude (just rank 7) all mods are easy to gain in your mid game.

Nezha, spears and halo

Finally there is Nezha who has a great AOE abilities for the mobs, superb survivability and can be used to protect the squad. Similar to Rhino you want to mod your Nezha for high power strength and decent range. Use your Divine Spears (4) frequently to keep enemies in place and damage them at the same time. You can use Warding Halo (3) to protect yourself from incoming damage. And if you have access to Safeguard you can also protect your squad mates by putting a Warding Halo around them. 

plague star nezha build suggestion 0 forma
  • Aura: Corrosive Projection
  • Flow (R5), Streamline (R5), Vitality (R10), Intensify (R5), Steel Fiber (R10), Transient Fortitude (R7), Augur Secrets (R5), Stretch (R5)

The zero forma build you see above works well for everything the starchart has to offer.

Other warframes for Plague Star

There are of course other alternatives like Gara, Wisp, Octavia, Nidus or Loki. But the five warframes above are the easiest to get into. The only no-go warframe that comes to mind is Nova when she uses Molecular Prime. If it is timed wrong then it will prolong the final fight significantly.

Companions best suited for Plague Star

I would advise to bring a sentinel instead of beasts. Even if your Kavat or Kubrow has high health they tend to get stuck near the Hemocyte boss. There are also certain areas in the final area where reviving is not possible. You sentinel should have Medi-Ray equipped to provide constant healing. You can check my Carrier Prime Late game build for inspiration.

plague star sentinel dethcube

Due to the sheer number of enemies mods like Synth Deconstruct (25% drop chance of health orb for damaging enemies) or Dethcube’s Energy Generator (energy orb for 10 assisted kills) drop orbs reliably. As long as your sentinel is modded for survivability it will work fine in Plagues Star missions. 

Plague Star – How to play the mission 

When you have never played the mission your preparation phase will be a bit shorter because you will need some of the rewards for a proper preparation. If you have played at least once in the past than start with Preparation step. This requires you to build two additional consumables in your foundry and equip them in your gear wheel.

#1 Preparation

Pick the warframe of your choice, check that you have Corrosive damage on your weapons and leave you quadrupeds in your orbiter. Equip a sentinel and then head to your foundry. 

If have never done a single Plague Star event mission run then just head to #2 Cetus and start mission. Otherwise continue reading here. 

You should build a few Infested Catalyst first. They can be built in 60 seconds and come in a batch of 5.  If you cannot find them in your foundry, you have to pick up the blueprint in your clan dojo Bio Lab. The Infested Catalyst blueprint can only be acquired in Bio Lab. Next you should build a few Eidolon Phylaxis. You should have bought the blueprint for the Eidolon Phylaxis from Nakak with your first 2000 operation standing.

plague star foundry

You can run the mission without those items but to get the maximum amount of operation standing from plague star the entire team must provide 4 Infested Catalyst and 4 Eidolon Phylaxis when defending the armored vault. If you do not bring them yourself you depend on the rest of the team and might do the mission for an underwhelming operation standing reward. 

If you have built and retrieved Infested Catalyst and Eidolon Phylaxis from your foundry equip both on your gear wheel. Otherwise you cannot use them in mission.

plague star gear wheel

#2 Cetus and start mission

Go to your navigation console and head to Cetus. Make sure you pick the instance with a lowest number to increase your chances of full squads.

plague star choose cetus instance

If you do not mind the occasional and annoying Vomvalysts you can run the Plague Star missions at Cetus daytime and at Cetus nighttime. Use fast travel to get to Konzu. If you have never used fast travel just hit ESC on your keyboard, choose Fast Travel and then choose Konzu. The Plague Star mission part of the Bounties. Start the mission and head to the gate. 

plague star start mission

#3 Mission: Get the toxin

The first thing you have to do is to get the toxin canister. It will be in a random cave but always in the same location of that cave. Go into archwing mod and fly to the cave. Then enter the cave and make your way to the marker. Make sure you memorize part of the way because some caves can be confusing. You will find the toxin in a storage device that looks part of a Grineer galleon reactor. 

plague star toxin storage

Next extract the toxin. This is the only area where you should clean up enemies because you will be vulnerable while extracting the toxin. With the toxin in hand you should make you way out of the cave. 

#4 Mission: Defend the armored vault

You have to head to an armored vault. If you have the toxin in hand you can safely go into archwing mode. You will still carry the toxin canister. Open the vault and insert the toxin into the panel on the inside. 

plague star add eidolon phylaxis

You have to defend the vault for the following 3 minutes. In this time you can add 4 Infested Catalyst and 4 Eidolon Phylaxis to the toxin mixing process. Each of them will increase your operation standing reward by 250 but also increase the tankiness of the Hemocyte boss in the final phase. 

After finishing the vault defense you have to pick up the canister from the panel and head out to the next phase. 

#5 Mission: Find and protect the drone

You have to reach an area where the carrier of the canister has to put it onto a drone. That drone can be hard to spot. If you are not carrying the canister, scan the area of the drone and mark it if you see it. 

The drone will move towards the final destination of your mission. Protect it proper and if you have a Loki you can run ahead and Switch Teleport (3) for shorter travel time. As this is one of the shortest parts of the mission, not much is gained in terms of mission length as a whole. In rare cases the drone gets stuck. The only way to un-stuck the drone is Loki’s Switch Teleport. If you do not have a Loki you short abort the mission.

plague star the boil

Eventually the drone will reach the boil and the final and most hectic phase of the mission unravels. 

#6 Mission: Defeat the hordes and 4x the Hemocyte

In this final phase you will be attacked by large numbers of Infested. When you and your squad mowed down enough Infested to make the counter show 25% you have to fight the Hemocyte for the first time. 

This is just the re-colored Lephantis boss from the Derelict. It has three different heads with different weak points. The first head is vulnerable in its mouth when it opens it mouth. It is the easiest head to take down.

plague star Hemocyte head 1

The second head is vulnerable when he opens its huge breast plate but is tends to be a bit shy in doing exactly that.

plague star Hemocyte head 2

The final one is vulnerable at two times and in two different places: First a small spot at its breast that opens shortly before he swings his huge scythe. After he has swung his scythe his opened mouth is vulnerable.

plague star Hemocyte head 3

After you have taken down the Hemocyte you will get one of the Hunter mods as a reward and you can pick up a Hemocyte Cystolith. 

Next you will face another onslaught of Infested that will culminate in a stronger version of Hemocyte appearing. Rinse and repeat until you defeated the Hemocyte four times. The fight will get tougher each time the Hemocyte appears. Keep moving, revive your teammates and do not forget that the scythe of the third head can one-shot most warframes. 

After you defeated the Hemocyte four times the mission is finished. Most squads will head back to the gate but you can also use the tent near gate to start the mission anew. 

#7 Syndicate progress, Nakak and mandatory items

Depending on how many Infested Catalysts and Eidolon Phylaxis where applied you will gain between 1000 and 3000 operation standing. The standing works like syndicate standing. You can buy items for standing but you can also use it to rank up in Operational Supply Syndicate to unlock even better items. You have to head over to Nakak who normally just sells mask. She will have operations supplies for you.

plague star nakak supplies

The first and only mandatory item you need to get is the Eidolon Phylaxis blueprint. Just upgrade your rank immediately to Collaborator and get yourself that Eidolon Phylaxis blueprint. Then try to make your way to the final rank Champion your priority. This rank will open up all items including the highly popular Plague Kripath and Plague Keewar strike blueprint. Moreover this rank will allow to just amass standing. You can spend you standing on as many Forma as you like or on Cetus Wisps. 

plague star all offerings

Whatever rank you achieve during the event and whatever standing you did not use will be carried over to the next time the Plague Star event takes place.


After reading this guide you should be able to pick a warframe that carries you through the mission. You should also know your way around the first time you do the mission and be properly prepared to continually repeat the mission or the event in the future. Like with all timed events in Warframe a word of caution: Do not burn yourself out with too many repetitions. The rewards are juice but having fun and staying motivated is more important.