New Warframe players always wonder where is the best place to sell rivens. Spamming trade chat with the same sell messages over and over again is not only boring but also mostly without an actual sale. There is an auction feature in, the biggest community trading website, that allows ebay-style auctioning and fixed price selling. If you prefer a video guide instead of this written guide just head to my youtube video at the end of the article.

Rivens are mods with random stats that when the right stats for the right weapon come together can get you a lot of platinum. But it is hard to know how much other players are willing to pay. And coming from the side of a buyer, it is very hard to find the one riven with the right stats. The ingame trade does not make things easier. This is where’s riven auction serves as a more chilled alternative. Player can add rivens that are for sale in the auction section. Depending on the popularity there might be lots of rivens for sale or only a few. 

Quick search to find the cheapest riven on

You find the riven auction in the top navigation. It is named Auctions.

Once you are on the auctions site there are multiple input fields that can be a bit overwhelming. You start your search with the upper right search bar (1). There you can enter the weapon name for which you want a riven. Two lines further down there is a drop for sorting where you choose Price (Ascending) to get the cheapest rivens first (2). Next hit the Find Auctions button to get a list of all rivens for the weapon of choice that are currently for sale (3). 

Understand the auction search to find the best riven on

To help you find the best riven for your weapons we will look into the search options I left out in the previous paragraph. You once again start at the Auctions page an choose your weapon in the first line of the search box. 

The following line allows you to specify positive or negative attributes you would like your possible candidates to have. But be careful: There more you specify your search the smaller the pool of results will be. If you are trying to get an overview of available rivens or want to get inspired you can leave the attribute filters blank.

The next line has important filters for how fast your can acquire a riven. First you can choose the type of auction. There are two and a half different auction types. Auctions without buyout, meaning ebay auction where you can only win when you are the highest bidder. Auctions with buyout also have that bidden mechanism but offer an additional way to win the auction. The buying price is the price that immediately wins you the auction. 

The last auction type is a sell order. That is a fixed price auction where the seller wants no additional bidding but just sell the riven for the price stated. As a rule of thumb, sell orders are your fastest way to get (or sell) a riven because no additional bidding is involved.

Our second filter in line 3 involves sorting of the search results. Positive Attribute sorting descending means that it either sort from the highest to the lowest value of your chosen positive attributes. Positive Attributes (ascending) on the other side will start with the lowest values.

Price (ascending) will give you the cheapest rivens first. And Price (descending) will give you the most expensive prices rivens first. That sometimes makes me giggle when you have a single riven mod for multiple hundred dollars in the list. 

Before we hit the search button that is called Find Auctions you should take a quick peek at the Show advanced filters to the right of the “Find Auction” button. In these filters you can specify polarity, mastery rank and rerolls. That last one is very helpful when you are looking for a trash riven with low or no rerolls you want reroll yourself.

When you finally hit the Find Auction button you will get a list of all rivens currently for sale for the weapon you specified. 

Understanding the riven result list

A first glance at the result list show two different kinds of auction. Those with a grey bar to the left and those without. That grey bar means you are looking at a sell order for a fixed price riven and not a riven auction. The price of the sell order can be seen at the right

To the left you see the name of the riven. It is followed by positive attributes first and a negative attribute (curse) in the next line. Negative attributes will be displayed in red to better distinguish them. The next line has some “fine print” that is actually quite helpful.

First is the mastery rank required for this riven, followed by the mod rank the seller has ranked it up to, number of rerolls and finally the polarity.

The last line contains the name of the seller, his or her status and reputation. If status says Online that you can contact the seller best through the chat. If it says Online in Game you can actually contact the seller ingame.

Reputation says how much positive feedback that seller has had so far. If you want to buy a high priced riven make sure the reputation number is followed by a green smiley.

There is one more thing – status filter

There is another filter that is hidden in plain sight. Search results can be filtered by seller status. When you pick All every auction no matter if the seller is online or offline will be displayed.

When you choose Onsite rivens from sellers that either have the status online or online in game will be displayed. In Game status will only display rivens from seller that are in the game right now.

Riven auction bidding & auction ending

Now that you understand all the results you are ready to bid on a riven you like. Each auction – not sell orders – has Place a bid button where you enter maximum platinum you want to bid. If the auction has a buyout price and you want to win immediately you can bid for the buyout price. Otherwise you enter the amount you are willing to pay.

You do not know when an auction ends unless the seller ends the auction manually. This can be hours or months. Bidding is a waiting game and a gamble. If you won the seller will contact you through the chat. 

Sell order – how to get in contact with the seller

In contrast to the bidding auction, sell orders will end immediately if you want to pay the price the seller asks. Sell orders – those with the grey bars on the left – will just display the sell price at the right. To get in contact with the seller you need to head to the riven details page. Just click on the name of the riven and you will be redirected to the details page.

On the right side you agains see the name of the seller and his status: 

If he is Online click on the On Site button to initiate a chat. Just tell him you want to buy the riven for the price. To speed things up give the name of the riven, the price asked and ask him when the trade can be done. When you have an agreement you both have to meet online the game and do the actual trade. Check my trading guide if you want to know more about trading.

If he is Online in Game I would advise to contact him directly ingame. Make sure you have started Warframe and you are in the game either in your Orbiter or in your dojo. Then tab out (ALT +  TAB) into the browser with the rivens detail page and click on In Game.

Now copy the text in the newly appeared text box with either CTRL+C or by using the right mouse button and copy. Go back into Warframe, paste that text into your chat and hit Enter. This initiates a private chat between you and the seller. Tell him the name of the riven, the price of the riven and that you want to buy it. You then go through with the actual trade and that riven is yours.

Sell a riven on auctions in warframe market

To sell rivens in the auctions section you need to have an account on Use the Sign In button in the upper right corner. On the sign page you can decide if you want to use Steam or Xbox Login to create an account or you want to use your email address. After you created the account has to be verified, meaning it has to be connected to your Warframe user name. That process is straight forward an there is a F.A.Q. for it.

When have successfully logged in into, choose Auctions and use the Create Auction button in the lower right corner.

An interface will open where you can add the weapon, each attribute, the name, mastery rank, mod rank, re-rolls and polarity. You either screenshot the riven ingame and use the screenshot to fill these form fields. Or you can do it the oldschool way and use pen & paper to write down all riven information.

Once you entered everything relevant and hit the Next button you have to decide on the auction type. Without buyout means just bidding and you enter a starting price. With buyout means bidding that needs a starting price and the price you think should win the auction immediately has to be put into buyout price. The sell order is a fixed price order where no bidding will occur. Next set your auction to public. Otherwise it will not appear in the search result. Finally hit Create Auction

You can find your own auctions by going into Auctions and then Created by me. The only two things you can edit on running auctions is price and visibility. If you want to change other elements you have to delete the auction and create a new one. 

If you have auctions with bidding you will see any bidders in the Created By Me section. You can declare an auction winner any time you want. The auction will than be paused. Make sure you contact the winner on the website chat. Tell him about the won auction, the price and when you will be available for trade. Make sure you a time zone converter when you both of you try to find a time slot. People of all time zones use 

If you have created one or more sell orders you want to make sure you are online in the game or online on the site as often as possible. Use the status bar in the upper right corner to ALWAYS show your current status. Interested buyers will contact you either in game or on the website. 

Youtube – Riven buying & selling, auction guide + best practice