This guide will explain everything you need to know to make your way through the Scarlet Spear event. It will go over the relay phase, ground mission with the Condrix, the space mission with the Murex and best warframes for you. This guide is still work in progress because Digital Extremes updates the event regularly.

Scarlet Spear in a nutshell

You need to defeat Murex ships by boarding them with one party to apply “kill codes”, while another party is on the ground, collecting and sending those kill codes by defeating Condrix

The ground missions are a variation of mobile defense and the space missions are regular defense missions inside of sentient ships.

scarlet spear event in navigation

The reason why you do the whole event is to get Scarlet Spear credits similar to standing rewards in other events. The gained standing can be used to buy arcanes, ship decoration and two new weapon blueprints. 

Start by getting into a relay

Use your obiter navigation to start Scarlet Spear. You will be presented with a list of different relays. Do not pick a busy one. Make sure you pick one that says X/100 Murex. Do only pick a calm on if no X/100 Murex Driven Away relay exists.

scarlet spear instances

There is also time-limited element at play. Each relay has only 3 hours to defeat 100 Murex. After 3 hours there is a reset and everything starts fresh. Look at how much time is left. If it is less than 1 hour try to pick at 60/100 Murex Driven Away relays.

The first thing you should do once you are in the relay is to check the central screen. It needs to show x/100 Murex Driven Away and it should have some time left on timer. If that is not the case then just leave the relay and go to another relay in your navigation. 

little duck on scarlet spear relay

Next thing you have to do is go to Little Duck in the lower right corner. She will give you some lore background. If you interact with her again, pick Trade to buy the OpLink for 1000 regular credits. The OpLink will be through into your gear wheel to be used in ground and space missions alike. 

Now head back to where you started in the relay to get a better overview of the most important terminals. On the left below you find the Space mission start terminal. Further down on the left are terminals to operate your arsenal and to your railjack configuration. Meaning you can adjust your warframe and weapons on the first terminal and you railjack on the second without leaving the relay. 

scarlet spear relay overview

To the right is Little Duck and the terminal to start the Ground mission. Do yourself a favor and ignore the terminals in the middle. They are not useful in the current state of the event. Directly below you are leaderboards. 

Deciding between ground and space mission

Now that you have a general overview there is one thing in the big screen in the middle relay you need to look for. The number of squads on the ground vs the number of squads in space. I would advise to pick the one that has the lower number.

start murex raid terminal

Space missions are easier because they are for the most part static defense and they reward more Scarlet Spear credits. Only a small portion of the mission is done inside of the railjack. But to be honest, if you never played a railjack mission would I discourage you from doing the space mission. 

start ground assault terminal

Ground missions are tougher than space missions and give less rewards. But they are accessible to all players and are in well known territory on the Earth tileset. 

Ground mission structure

A waypoint marker will show you where to go. Once you reach that point a large sentient being called Condrix will appear. It will open a big eye and spawn sentients around you. Shoot the big eye until it closes and kill off all sentients around you

scarlet spear condrix eye

The eye will open again, another wave of sentients will spawn and you need to shoot the eye again until it closes. You need to juggle shooting the eye and sentients without being downed. And there are of course Grineer that also attack you.

For a third time the eye will open and a new wave of sentients is spawned. Shoot the eye until it closes and kill all remaining sentients to start the final phase. 

ground mission place oplink

A yellow circle will appear and you need to put your Oplink down to start a transmission. Use your gear wheel to place it in the ground. The Oplink has to be defended until the timer in the upper left has gone to 100%. Your Oplink has limited health for the time of the mission and you cannot heal it. Protect it from the onslaught of Grineer. 

During your defense kill codes will be sent to a squad in space mission. You will see a small info box from time to time. You might even get a thank you

kill code sent from ground mission

Having finished the Oplink transmission you will get a few Scarlet Spear credits and your next Condrix location. Go there and repeat the process of shooting the big eye, defending sentients and protecting you Oplink against Grineer. 

Every Condrix gets harder but rewards more Scarlet Spear credits. Rinse and repeat until you either can no longer hold your ground or your Oplink is destroyed. The exit marker can be used any time and supports single warframe exits. 

Ground mission warframes & weapons

There are a few warframes that are particularly helpful with this mission type. 

Frost with good range and strength can use the bubble to protect the Oplinks and the team. Regular use of avalanche will also stop incoming enemies.

Gara works much like Frost and her Mass Vitrify with high duration and high strength will do wonders. She can also use Splinter Storm to protect squad members.

Limbo with long duration and range can defend the Oplink with his Cataclysm exceptionally  well. 

Nova with long duration and a decent strength can slow down sentients and Grineer alike to make all parts of the mobile defense much easier.

Rhino with high strength provides great buffs for shooting sentients and the Condrix eye. 

There are no premade teams at the moment. So it is a bit of a gamble if you get into a good squad. 

For aura mods Speed Holster and Rejuvination are very helpful on ground mission. Switching between weapons very fast makes is very important when you have one weapon for shooting the big eye and another one for the sentient mobs. And healing is always appreciated especially when you bring a pet.

Ground mission weapons

I would suggest bringing two different kinds of weapons. A single shot high damage dealer and large magazine plus quick reload room clearer. You can go for a primary single shot damage dealer and secondary room clearer or the other way around.

The big eye of the Condrix required the big punch. Bring your best big punch dealer. Sniper rifle or semi automatic rifles are very helpful. The usual suspcects are the Rubico (Prime), the Vulkar (Wraith) and Opticor (Vandal) prove useful.

vulkar wraith example build

But semi-automatic rifles like Latron Prime/Wraith, Sybaris Prime/Dex, Prisma rinlok or Veldt are, when properly modded, also a great option to deliver big enough punches that will add up to their higher fire rate.

latron wraith build example

For your secondary you want to bring something that can kill off sentients fast with many different damage types. Bring whatever can deal lots of damage in a short time, with short reload times. There is a wide range of powerful semi or full automatic sidearms that help:

Aksomati (Prime), Brakk (Kuva), Vaykor Marelok, Akstiletto Prime, Prisma Twin Gremlins, Stubba, Kuva Twin Stubba, Akmagnus and Kitguns of all chambers.

kitgun rattleguts build example

It is up to you to switch roles and use you secondary for high damage single shot damage (Lex Prime or Euphona Prime) , while you primary is your room clearer. 

Space mission structure

When you use the space mission terminal you will be prompted with the choice of joining or hosting a crew. Joining will either bring to an existing squad onboard a railjack or – more likely – tell you that there are no squad to join available. Currently not many players have a fully equipped railjack that can stand its ground against the sentient and Grineer onslaught. 

join are host a railjack crew

As a rule of thumb for a railjack that can be used in Scarlet Spear, the railjack should be able to survive the first mission in Veil Proxima. Do not use a base railjack with no avionics and not at least MKII components. 

The first part of the mission is straightforward: You fly to the point that is marked. Once there you will automatically pick up a satellite that you need to deliver to the next point that is marked on your hud. You cannot use your forward guns while you transport the satellite. But your side guns will work as usual. 

murex rush with railjack

Do not waste time with enemies. Just rush to pick up the satellite and rush to deliver the satellite. After you have delivered it, park your railjack inside of the Murex. That means you fly through the opening of the Murex as far as possible onto the marker. That way the worst thing that can happen is a boarding party that can be repelled by a single player. 

fly inside of murex

If you catch any boarding parties on your way make sure to dispose of them. Then start the second part of the mission: Leave your railjack and head to the marked position inside of the Murex. Place your Oplink inside the yellow circle and protect the Oplink while it receives kill codes from ground squads. You need 9 kill codes to defeat the Murex. You can end up not getting any codes due to bugs and thus failing the mission. 

If possible all team members should come into the Murex and place their Oplinks there. If you have Command intrinsic of at least rank 4 you can use your Omni Tool to “beam” back to your railjack at any time. 

defend oplink inside murex

After defeating the first Murex, head to the next one and repeat the cycle. Again, do not waste time fighting enemies. Pick up avionics if they are on your path but a direct route should always be the most important thing. 

Space mission warframes & weapons

For the second part of the space mission onboard the Murex you need to have proper defense in all directions because the tileset has more verticality than the Earth tileset. 

Limbo with long duration and range for Cataclysm is a great choice to protect your squad Oplinks. 

Mesa with her “push 4 to win” Peacemaker will clean waves of sentients reliably. 

Frost with his bubble can provide an additional layer of protection all around the Oplinks. 

Space mission weapons

When it comes to weapons you just need to bring weapons that deal a lot of damage. It does not matter what category as long as they use a wide variety of damage types. You will deal mostly with sentients. That means rainbow builds are mandatory.

Bringing the Paracesis for close quarter fights is a great choice but Sacrificial Pressure & Sacrificial Steel on other weapons will also do additional damage against sentients.

Additional advice

Every 3 hours the Murex timer resets. If not all Murex have been defeated in that time while you are present in your relay, you will get no bonus. The bonus is double your highest score on the relay in any mission.

Build enough energy, health and ammo restores before you start your missions. Make sure you have at least 20-50 restores of each and have them equipped in your gear wheel. They will be very useful.

If you have guns that require lots of ammo bring a Carrier (Prime) with Ammo Case to get more ammo and some ammo mutation.

Sturdy sentinels like Carrier Prime or Helios Prime are better suited on ground missions where scaling enemies can do lots of damage. If you bring a pet make sure you can keep it alive.