Going down in Warframe is a common experience for new players. But there are over 30 different ways to heal your frames in missions. Some are common knowledge like health restores, companions or arcanes but others like syndicate weapons or Vazarin focus school seem to be overlooked by many players. I have compiled a complete list for but if you prefer watching on youtube I have also a video guide for you at the end of the article.

Items that heal you

Health restore

One of the first things you should acquire are health restores. Some older players still call them pizza because the used to look like a flat pizza throwing on the ground. Health restores are available in 3 different sizes but all do 4 pulses of healing for everybody in the area of effect. The small size provides 30 health points, the medium provides 100 health points and the large provides 300 health points per pulse. There is no limit of how many health restores you activate in any mission.

Health restore blueprints can be bought in different places depending on their size. Small health restore blueprints are available in the marketplace as a single restore or 10x restore. The 10x is more expensive but is an unlimited use blueprint and reduces building times significantly. 

Medium health restore blueprints are available in the dojo Bio Lab. Like the small one they come a single medium health restore or 10x medium health restore. And here again the 10x is more expensive but it is also an unlimited use blueprint.

Large health restore blueprints can be found in the syndicate offerings of New Loka and Steel Meridian. They come only in the 10x variant and will require 25’000 syndicate standing to buy it. 

After you have bought the blueprints, you have to build the restores in your foundry and finally equip them in your gear wheel at the arsenal. Once equipped you can use them in your next mission.  

Med Tower

The med tower is a stationary healing spot where you and your squad mates can get 100 health by directly interacting with it. It contains 20 charges of 100 health and can only be used once during a mission.

The med tower is the air support charge for the Mantis landing craft. That means you have to fly into your mission with your Mantis landing craft. To be able to call a med tower you need to have build air support charges in your foundry and equipped them in your gear wheel. There is a delay of almost 10 seconds between calling for med tower and it actually materializing in mission. It is best used for defenses.

Healing syndicate weapons and mods

One of the more underused healing effects are the so called radial effects of syndicate weapons or weapons with syndicate weapon mods. Simply killing enemies with your syndicate weapons or weapons with syndicate mods will increase a special meter in the lower right corner. Once the meter is fully filled the radial effect will occur and heal you 25% of your warframe health pool.

This will only happen for weapons and weapon mods from Steel Meridian, Arbiters of Hexis and New Loka. But you can choose from 18 different weapons. 

For Steel Meridian the Vaykor Marelok and Vaykor Hek are your two options that have the healing Justice radial effect. You can also use the Scattered Justice mod for your Hek, the Shattering Justice mod for the Sobek, Justice Blades mod for Dual Cleavers and Prisma Dual Cleavers or Neutralizing Justice for the Miter

If you prefer Arbiters of Hexis there are the Telos Akbolto and the Telos Boltor that have the healing Truth radial effect. Additionally you can use the Avenging Truth mod for the Silva & Aegis and Silva & Aegis Prime, the Blade of Truth mod for the Jaw Sword, the Gilded Truth mod for the Burston Prime or the Stinging Truth mod for Viper and Viper Wraith.

And finally, if you have sworn you allegiance to New Loka you can take the Sancti Castanas and the Sancti Tigris that have the healing Purity radial effect. Like the other two syndicates there are also four weapon mods. There is the Bright Purity mod for the Skana including its Wraith and Prime variant, Disarming Purity for the Panthera, Lasting Purity for the Vulkar and Vulkar Wraith or the Winds of Purity mod for the Furis and MK1 Furis. 

Special weapons with healing

You can also choose one of three weapons that directly or indirectly replenish your warframe’s health. 

First in the ls the Hirudo sparring weapon. Using the Hirudo heals you for 5% of the cirt damage that the weapon does. It has also an inbuilt mechanic that tops up your health even 25% further. The blueprint can be bought at the marketplace but it requires a built Kogage as an ingredient for building. If you enjoy sparring weapons the Hirudo might be a healthy option for you.

When it comes to primary weapons there is only the Hema that offers direct healing. It is a burst firing weapon without hitscan that uses health to reload its magazine. Whenever you can score a headshot with the Hema you will get 10% of your warframe’s health pool as healing in return. You can acquire the blueprint for the Hema from your dojo’s Bio Lab. 

An indirect form of healing provides the Broken Scepter. Whenever you kill a non-robotic enemy with it you can interact with the corpse to generate a health orb. Similar to Nekros there is only a chance to spawn a health Although a staff weapon it feels rather clunky to use. You get the blueprint for the Broken Scepter after finishing the War Within quest or from Simaris offerings.

Companions providing health

companion kubrow

You should always have a companion on your side when you enter a mission. Not only are the cute to look but they also help you to stay alive much longer. No matter if you companion is a beast or robotic, there are way they can heal you.

For robotics – meaning sentinel or moa – you should equip the Medi Ray mod. Medi Ray heals you up for 12% of your warframe’s health pool. It has only a 15 seconds cooldown and is a very reliable option for any kind of mission. I would highly recommend making Medi Ray as a mandatory mod on all sentinel and moa builds. Sadly, the mod can only be farmed at the boss stage on Sedna which makes it harder to get for new players. If you can spare 30 plat you should buy this life-saving mod from other players. 

If you are more of a dog or cat type there is the Hunter Recovery mod for beasts. Whenever your quadruped does damage to enemies it will you for 30% of that damage dealt. As long as enemies around and your beast has something to attack you will receive healing. But in downtimes with no enemies around this mod cannot heal you up. Hunter Recovery can be acquired from the repeating Ghoul Purge event on The Plains of Eidolon or for less than 5 plat from other players.

A rather new new mod in the healing area is Synth Deconstruct. It provides indirect healing during enemy encounters. It can be equipped on any companion and whenever an enemy dies that your companion has damaged during the fight there is a 25% chance that a health orb is spawned. The more enemies are attacked by you companion the more health orbs spawn.  

Healing warframe mods and weapon mods

When it comes to warframe or weapon mods your options are very limited. 

The first mod that many players know of is Rejuvenation. It is a warframe aura mod that when equipped will constantly heal you, your companions and squad mates for 3 health points per second. That may not seem much but on high armor frames that kind of healing is a good foundation because it will continue to heal even in downtimes with no enemies around. Rejuvenation also works in archwing missions. 

For melee weapons there is the Healing Return mod. It heals you for 11 health points for each status effect the enemy your are hitting currently has. The more status effects an enemy has the more healing you get. The more hits you can score on your enemies the more healing you will get. You will not get any healing from Healing Return if you instantly kill an enemy. But if you have melee weapons that do small portion of damage very fast, like nunchaku, claws or dagger, the better Healing Return works. 

I have to bring up Life Strike because used to be the goto melee mod to recover health by using channeling. But recent changes on how channeling works make it almost unusable without breaking your melee flow. For now, stay away from Life Strike.  

The last mod worth mentioning ist Equilibrium. It provides an indirect form of healing that is quite situational. Equilibrium will give you health for each energy orbs you pick up health and for each health orb you pick up energy. It is not a straightforward healing solution but one that needs mentioning.

Focus school with healing

If you have finished playing The Second Dream quest you will be able to use focus schools. The Vazarin focus school has the Protective Dash node. Fully levelled a void dash through your or your squad mates frame will heal up to 60% of their health pool over 5 seconds. This ability is a great alternative to the almost omnipresent Zenurik focus school.

Endless arcanes that heal you

For the longest time the game only offered warframe arcanes. But recently we saw the introduction of operator arcanes, amp arcanes, zaw arcanes and kitgun arcanes. And what started an additional way squeeze out more stats for late game proved to be one of the most popular ways to heal for veterans. Keep in mind that in order to rank your arcanes up to rank 3 you need 10 rank 0 of them.

The oldest and widely used arcances is Arcane Grace. It is a warframe arcane that when fully ranked has a 6% chance to heal you every time you are hit by an enemy. Although the healing is just 4% of your total health pool you will be activated often on higher level missions. You can equip two Arcane Grace if you like to double your chances of healing. You get a single unranked Arcane Grace from capturing the Hydrolist eidolon or for 110 plat from other players. Buying 1x  rank 3 or 10x rank 0 will set you back 1100 to 1200 plat.  

A useful and much cheaper alternative is the warframe arcane Arcane Victory. On rank 3 it has a 50% chance to heal you for 12% of your health pool whenever you do a headshot. It does not matter whether this headshot has been scored with your primary, secondary or melee weapon. Headshots from companions also trigger Arcane Victory. You get a single rank 0 arcane by capturing the Teralyst eidolon or for around 10 plat from others player.  

Exodia Might is a Zaw arcane. Any finisher you perform with the Zaw melee that has Exodia Might equipped will have a 50% chance to lifesteal 30% of the damage dealt. A single rank 0 Exodia Might can be acquired for 10’000 standing from Hok on Cetus. This arcane can easily be triggered by warframes that open up enemies for finishers: Excalibur, Inaros, Equinox, Gara, Ivara, Valkyr, Ash or Baruuk. Exodia Might also synergizes with Covert Lethality on Balla (dagger) zaws. 

Magus Elevate is the first of three operator arcanes that can be used for healing. Magus Elevante provides a 75% chance to heal 200 health points flat when you go back from operator mode into your warframe. This can repeated multiple times without a known cooldown. You can acquire a single rank 0 Magus Elevate from the Quills on Cetus for 10’000 standing.

Magus Nourish, another operator arcane, has a different take on healing. Every second you spend in operator mode outside your warframe it heals 25 health points. Magus Nourish can also be bought from the Quills on Cetus for 10’000 per rank 0 arcane. 

The final operator arcane that helps restoring health in missions is Magus Repair. Once in operator mode every warframe in a 20m radius gets healed 20% per second. This not only heals you but also your squad mates in that 20m radius. You can acquire a single rank 0 Magus Repair for 10’000 Vox Solaris standing from Little Duck on Fortuna.

Warframe healing abilities

This has already been an exhaustive list of things that heal your warframe in missions independent of its abilities. But there are of course a number of warframes that have either inbuilt healing abilities or augment mods that twist existing abilities into healing abilities. 

It would require another article to provide an indepth look on each frame but I will give you a short list of frames that have abilities to heal: Nidus, Inaros, Oberon, Trinity, Gara, Hydroid or Nekros by generating health orbs.

Healthy conclusion

The game offers many different ways of healing in mission. Health restores and a companion with Medi Ray or Hunter Recovery should be considered mandatory to get early in the game. If you can manage to get a good syndicate weapon or weapon with a syndicate mod try to use them all through mid game. For late game arcanes are your goto healing option.

Youtube – Warframe self-healing