Orokin vaults in the Derelict contain corrupted mods. These mods are a very important part of almost every late game build in Warframe. Among them are Blind Rage, Fleeting Expertise, Narrow Minded, Overextended and Transient Fortitude. In the past opening the vault was best done in a full team of 4 tenno to even the odds. Since 2019 you can solo run the Orokin vaults in the Derelict without losing on the odds. This guide provides a simple strategy and gives builds for an early game warframe – Rhino – that allows new players to solo farm vaults. 

Corrupted mods in the Derelict vaults

Orokin vaults in the Derelict are the only way to obtain each of the 23 corrupted mods currently available in Warframe. From those 23 mods 5, Blind Rage, Fleeting Expertise, Narrow Minded, Overextended and Transient Fortitude, are mandatory for late game warframe builds and one mod, Heavy Caliber, is almost mandatory to increase damage of primary weapons. And due to their popularity these mods are also worth selling for platinum to other players. 

mandatory late game corrupted mods

Understanding how it works

Getting into the Derelict

Orokin vaults can be found in Exterminate, Survival, Sabotage, Mobile Defense and Capture missions in the Derelict. To even start the mission you need to have built a corresponding Derelict key from its blueprint. These keys are single use only. That means that if you want to run 3 Derelict Capture missions you need to have built 3 Derelict Capture keys. 

derelict on star chart

Finding the vault

When you enter a mission that can contain vaults – exterminate, survival, sabotage, mobile defense and capture – a single vault will spawn randomly at an endpoint of a tile. Tile endpoints are doors that connect one room with the next. You have to search the entirety of the map for that door to the vault. The vault door has a unique look, you cannot miss. Just look at the screenshot below. 

Orokin vault door in the Derelict

Very popular locations of the vaults are in the big room with the tree in the center because there are many doors on that tileset. But you can also sometimes find the vault directly at the end of the mission. That happened a few times to me. 

The right dragon key and picking up the mod

Once you have found the vault, it can only be opened if you have equipped the correct dragon key. There are four different dragon keys and the one that is required to open the vault is also randomly defined at the beginning of the mission. You always want to equip all four keys before you actually start the mission. These dragon keys need to be built from blueprints that can only be obtained from the Orokin Lab of a dojo. Moreover each key has a massive debuff on your warframe. More on that later.

If you opened the vault you need to pick up the corrupted mod from the middle of the room. That means you have to actively interact with the glowing artifact – the mod will not be picked up automatically. 

orokin vault pick up artifact

Lotus will inform you that more enemies have appeared you should make your way to the exit. After finishing the mission the corrupted mod gets revealed. With 23 possible corrupted mods, there is a 4.35% chance of getting the mod you wanted to have. 

Preparation and building all keys

As I said before you need two types of keys to successfully solo run Orokin vaults in the Derelict. First are the keys to start the Derelict missions and the other one are the Dragon keys to open the vaults in the mission. 

Where to find derelict mission keys

All Derelict mission key blueprints can be found in the marketplace. Just search for “derelict” in the search bar of the marketplace and buy all available blueprints. The cost 1500 or 2500 credits each. On a side note: The Derelict Assasination mission will reward you with Nekros blueprint parts. 

Next, you have to build keys from the blueprint to start the mission. Each mission run will consume a key. The best mission type for finding the vault is Derelict Capture followed by Derelict Exterminate. Best build a few keys if you intend to do a few runs back to back. 

Where to find Orokin vault “dragon keys”

To open the vaults in the Derelict you need to build dragon keys. There are four dragon keys and their blueprints are exclusive to the Orokin Lab in a clan dojo. Currently there is no other way to obtain those key blueprints. You either have to join a clan that has researched everything in the Orokin Lab or start your own clan. For new players I would highly recommend just ask in Region Chat or Recruiting Chat for a clan that will take them in. Be honest with them and tell them you need blueprints. Most clans will allow you to join just for picking up blueprints; many items are hidden behind clan research. 

orokin lab dojo research

After you got yourself the blueprints you need to build the actual keys. The opening of the vault consumes the key. To allow multiple mission runs build 5 keys from each blueprint. Each key built requires 10 void traces. You might have to do a few fissure missions first to get you void traces.

To have access to the keys in mission you have to equip all keys to your gear wheel. This works similar to ciphers you equip and consume to auto-hack. Before you start equipping those dragon keys you need to understand the debuff that each key does to your warframe once equipped.

Every dragon key has a debuff

Each of the 4 dragon keys impairs your warframe differently. The historical reason for that was that you used to need a full squad of four players to run this mission. Each player would bear a different debuff burden. Solo run means you have all four keys and all four debuffs.

  • The Bleeding Key reduces your warframe’s health by -75%
  • The Decaying Key reduces your warframes’s shield by -75%
  • The Extinguished Key reduces your warframe’s damage output by -75%.
  • The Hobbled Key reduces your warframes movement speed by -50%
dragon keys in foundry

Equipping all four keys means you have only a fraction of your health and your shields. Your gun does little damage and you will be very slow when running.

The reduced speed is the debuff that can be overcome very easily. Just use bullet jumping and rolling to progress through the mission because parkour speed is not decreased by the Hobbled Key. 

The other 3 debuffs can be overcome by choosing a warframe that has abilities to compensate for low health, shield and damage output.

Derelict Orokin vault solo run with Rhino

The most beginner friendly warframe that can handle all debuffs of Bleeding, Decaying and Extinguished key is Rhino. You can use his Iron Shield (2) ability to get an additional layer of health. Whenever you run out of Iron Skin, just recast it. The Roar (3) ability will increase your damage output to partly compensate for the effects of the Extinguished key. 

The basic build does not require any primed mods, any corrupted mods nor any forma. It is a very cheap tank build. Equip Vitality and Steel Fiber to bring up health and armor; the latter is also important for Iron Shield. Next are Streamline, Intensify and Continuity to provide over 3000 Iron Skin and a 65% damage increase for almost 40 seconds when using Roar. Finally Steel Charge to increase your melee damage by another 60%. 

rhino base tank build

Feel free to add more armor and power strength for more Iron Skin and Roar. This is really just a starting point.

With this build you just have to pop Iron Skin at the beginning of the Derelict Capture mission to stay healthy. Whenever you lose Iron Skin recast it. Make sure you bring a few energy restores to the mission in case you run out of energy. As soon as you see your capture target use Roar and then use your melee to bring the target down. Remember to use rolling and bullet jump for faster traveling.

For the capture mission bring an automatic primary or secondary because the capture target can be a nullifier. If that is the case remove that bubble and use your melee to bring the capture target down.  

If you have a Sunika Kubrow with the Unleashed mod, your dog will even keep the capture target in place. Thus making it much easier. 

sunika kubrow pinning down capture target

After you get hold of the capture target you have to look at every end of the map until you find the vault door. Use the mini-map to keep track of where you went and where you have to go. Finding the vault door can take a while – patience you must have. When you find the vault door, open it by interacting with it. This will consume one key. Pick up the glowing artifact and head to the exit. Rinse and repeat until you run out of keys or motivation.

After you finish your runs do not forget to unequip your dragon keys. Otherwise you will carry the debuffs to your next mission. Again, unequip your dragon keys after your Orokin vault runs. 

And if you are looking for a stronger Rhino or Rhino Prime build for more lazy solo Derelict vault runs look for more power strength and armor in combination.

rhino prime late game balanced tank build

Derelict Orokin vault solo run with other warframes

There are of course other options if you do not like the Rhino (Prime) way. But keep in mind that they require more specialized late-game build or more powerful weapons. 

Going invisible with Loki (Prime) is also a solid strategy. A high duration build will gain over 30 seconds invisibility to Loki. He can bullet jump and roll his way through the mission and take down the capture take while staying invisible. Loki does not have a damage buff to compensate for the Extinguished Key. I would advise to bring a powerful pack of silent or silenced weapons. 

Limbo (Prime) is very helpful because with his rift ability he will not receive any damage while traversing the level. Be careful not to roll with him because rolling makes him leave the rift. He also has no damage buff to compensate for the Extinguished Key. You have to bring a high damage weapon with a decent magazine size to take down the capture target. The capture target might be a nullifier that requires some dwindling down of its bubble. Also keep in mind you have to leave the protection of your rift to shoot the capture target. During that time you are very vulnerable.

Nezha (Prime) is also a good option because of his high base speed and his Warding Halo ability that protects him from income damage. Like Limbo, Nezha cannot buff his damage and has to bring a high damage weapon for the capture target. That makes Nezha a faster Rhino alternative without damage buff. 


Solo’ing Orokin vaults in the Derelict can be achieved with a beginner warframe like Rhino once you understand how to prepare for the mission. Your first challenge is to get all the blueprints and build the actual keys. Equip the dragon keys and hit the mission. Try to be patient when you look for the actual vault. One thing that can be quite a challenge is when Stalker or a syndicate squad show up.