After clearing the star chart and acquiring a dozen warframes the next logical step is heading into sorties. They offer riven mods, lots of endo and kuva as rewards. To succeed in sorties you have to understand the majority of warframes, you have to be able to fight all bosses, have to have proper maxed out weapons and warframes as well as the majority of mid-game mods.

There is a youtube version of the Sortie beginners guide – not as in-depth as this one but a start.

Find icon & start sorties in navigation

You can find the sortie icon in the upper right corner of the navigation.

If you click on it your 3 daily sortie mission that you need to do are displayed. You will also see how long the current sortie is available. Every 24 hours sortie will reset with new missions and modifier.

1 – Understand all warframes to make use of your team and be useful for your team

You will rarely run sorties on your own when you start playing them. You most likely will depend on your other 3 squad mates until you get the hang of it. The worst thing you can do in a sortie is to counter or slow down what your fellow tenno are doing.

Always check what warframes your team mates are playing. Just hit ESC at the beginning of the mission and take a quick glance. If you have not played or experienced a particular warframe then try to look up that frame and its abilites after the mission. Make it a habbit until you understand all abilities.

Try to learn when someone uses crowd control without killing enemies or when someone has a way of mowing down hordes. Once you understand the other frames’ abilities you will be able to use your warframe properly by providing proction, buffs or maybe doing nothing at all.

2 – Have one warframe for each sortie mission type

You need to have a few warframes to handle each sortie mission type. Each of these warframes needs to be properly modded according to its strengths, has to be rank 30 and an Orokin Reactor installed.

Where can you find proper warframe builds

There are three ways to get ideas for a good and proper build if you cannot figure out a build at first glace. The best way is visiting either or to see many different builds for all warframes. Both sites also allow you to play around with mods in case you lack mods.

Youtube and the warframe forum are also good resources but they lack the variety of builds. Most of the time builds are just presented in form of a very limited “god” build.

Warframes for defense sortie missions

The categry of defense missions contains more then just the defense mission type. It is Mobile Defense, Hijack, Excavation, Defection, Interception and “normal” defense. Normal defense has a twist in sortie because the defense target is moving constantly. That has an influence on your warframe choices.

Solid choice for Defense are: Wisp, Khora, Octavia, Gara, Frost and Limbo. Depending on the mission type a healer is needed: Oberon, Trinity or Nezha (Warding Halo). Honorable mention to Saryn or Mesa because mowing down hordes very fast can also be a valid defense strategy.

Warframe for survival & extermitate sortie missions

For Exterminate you have to bring frames that can tank, can be fast and have good survivablity. You do not need crowd control nor do you need a healer. While you can bring almost anything to exterminate sortie missions, warframes like Rhino, Inaros, Wukong, Volt or Equinox are the most popular.

Survival depending on the sortie modifier can be tougher but tanking or high survivability are needed. For survival good frames are: Rhino, Valkyr, Inaros, Nekros, Chroma, Wukong, Nidus and Garuda. These are by no means the only warframes for survival but the most accessable for newer players. Always remember to have builds that support survivability.

Warframes for spy & rescue sortie missions

Spy sortie mission are a special case because you should do those solo. If you cannot do them train them on the normal star chart until you can handle spy missions without tripping alarms. There are very good youtube tutorials for all spy vaults. Best warframe for sortie spy are Ivara, Loki and Limbo.

For sortie rescue mission you have to learn side entrances to all prisons. Every prison has a hidden and unprotected side or lower or upper entrance. Learn them and rescue mission will be a thing of 90 seconds without a scratch. Good warframes for rescue mission are once again invisible warframe like Ivara or Loki. But Limbo is also fine.

3 – One maxed out & modded weapon per weapon category

There are sortie modifiers that allow only one weapon type per mission. You have to have at least one properly modded rank 30 weapon with Orokin Catalyst installed for each category. Let’s take a quick look through each category because some choices offer alternatives.

For melee bring whatever you use to clean large mobs: polearms, whips, hammer, swords of kinds. Make sure you also have a gun blade ready because you might have to shoot things in a melee-only sortie mission.

For pistols you should not take a bullet hose pistol because ammo will be scarce. Bring semi-automatic pistols or a kitgun of your choice.

For shotguns again consider ammo economy because some shotguns have very low capacity or shoot like a smg.

Then have a good rifle and a proper sniper rifle ready. There are lot of great weapons to choose from.

Finally the bow category allows crossbows and the explosive Lenz which makes Exterminates or Defense much faster.

Where can you find proper builds for weapons in Warframe

Similar to the previous section about proper warframe builds you can find weapon builds on either or Youtube or the warframe forum are also good places but keep in mind that many builds will outdate after 2 years.

Do I need rivens to do sorties?

No, you do not need rivens to succeed in sorties. Riven mods do help on less powerful and less popular weapons but they are not mandatory. In the next chapter I have a long list of mods you will need to make your weapons and warframes powerful enough to beat every sortie.

4 – Get all mandatory mid-game mods

Proper builds were mentioned quite often. To be able to create those proper builds you need a foundation of mods. I call them mid-game mod because after you cleared the start chart you left the early part of the game. Most mods will come to you while you play the game. But some mods are harder to come by and I would advise buying them from other players with platinum or if available from Baro Ki’Teer.

Rifle mods: Serration, Split Chamber, Vigilante Armaments, Vital Sense, Point Strike, Hunter Munitions, 4x 90% Elemental, 4x 60/60 Elemental, Heavy Caliber, Vile Acceleration, Hush

Pistol mods: Hornet Strike, Augur Pact, Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, Primed Pistol Gambit, Primed Target Cracker, 4x 90% Elemental, 4x 60/60 Elemental, Suppress

Shotgun mods: Primed Point Blank, Hell’s Chamber, Blunderbuss, Primed Ravage, 4x 90% Elemental, 4x 60/60 Elemental, Blaze, Chilling Reload, Seeking Fury, Silent Battery

Melee mods: Primed Pressure Point, Primed Reach, Blood Rush, 4x 90% Elemental, 4x 60/60 Elemental, Body Count, Drifting Contact, Berserker, Condition Overload, Organ Shatter, Weeping Wounds, Shattering Impact

Warframe mods: Vitality, Redirection, Steel Fiber, Primed Flow, Primed Continuity, Streamline, Intensify, Stretch, Hunter Adrenaline, Quick Thinking, Constitution, Natural Talent, Adaptation, Rapid Resilience, Dead Eye, Steel Charge, Rejuvenation, Stand United, Corrosive Projection, Energy Siphon, Handspring, Rush, Cunning Drift, Power Drift, Intruder, Transient Fortitude, Blind Rage, Fleeting Expertise, Narrow Minded, Overextended,

5 – Truly understand all boss fights

When you make your way through the starchart you will encouter every boss Warframe has to offer. You might struggle a bit but most boss fights can be won by spamming your weapons without much thought.

With sortie all bosses come in their level 100 form. That means they have lots of armor, lots of health and do way more damage. You have to understand their mechanics; When do they shoot, when are they invulnerable, what are their weak spots & what elemental damage does most damage?

I highly recommend to look up every boss in the warframe wiki to at least understand what elemental combination is needed to do damage. Then beat every boss solo five times or until understand how they work. Focus particulary on these bosses because they have special mechanics: Kyla De Thaym (Sedna), Raptors (Europa), Lephantis (Derelict), Tyl Regor (Uranus), Mutalist Alad V (Eris).

There are some bosses that are especially hard in sortie and I oftentimes see squad mates go down very fast. When in doubt bring a face tank like Inaros.

Sortie is one of the few places where tenno are not polite. Reviving downed team mates especially in boss fights will not be their top priority and neither should it be yours. Especially when timing is involved like Kyla De Thaym or Raptors it is okay to not revive team mates. The same goes for kubrows or kavats.

6 – Understand all mission types

Most of us normally play a few mission types we enjoy. But in sortie every mission type will come along. If you add the increase in difficulty and maybe some modifier you need to understand the less popular mission types like Hijack, Defection, Assault, Rescue and Spy.

For Hijack having a warframe with high shields is required to move the vehicle. You also have to keep in mind to stay very close to the vehicle to move it fast enough. Therefore you never bring an Inaros or Nidus to a Hijack mission.

Defection at high levels and a possible ugly sortie modifier requires you to bring either a healer or a crowd control. You also need to understand how to make the defectors move and where they walk through the map.

Assault is a mission type for the Kuva fortress that combines mobile defense with some hacking and running back and forth. This is one mode where you just have to understand the flow of the mission. Try to do this mission solo 5 times and you will be ready for sortie.

Rescue may be simple in the starchart but in sortie you need to know where all side entrances are. Sometimes you have to go under, sometimes over and sometimes to the side. From my experience players struggle especially hard with Kuva Fortress and Grineer Galleon Rescue. Do every rescue 5 times and only through side entrances and you will be good.

Spy missions are only hard if you bring the wrong warframes. Bring at least Loki to be invisble to guards and scanners. You still have to outmanoeuvre laser bars. If you really want cheese mode you can bring Ivara with her Infiltrate mod to go through lasers. Or use Limbo with a Huras (Stalk) kubrow to be invisble and go through lasers. No matter what you have to train spy.

7 – Health, ammo, energy restore & Ancient Healer specter

Sometimes things go south in sorties. Especially when you are surrounded by enemy eximus units or have an extremely bullet spongy level 100 Lephantis boss fight at your hands. You need to be prepared for those times. That is why you always need to have restores and an Ancient Healer & Shield Osprey specter in your gear wheel.

You should have 50 large health restores build and equipped in your gear wheel. Even better is assigning a hot key to it. I have mine on “7”. If I see my team mates struggle I just press 7 in the middle of the fight and the healing starts. The healing also affects your companions.

Large energy restores are also very important and I always have 50+ of them with me equipped on the gear wheel. They have the hot key “8” and I use them frequently for me and my team mates.

Large ammo restores are very rarely used but people are absolutely relieved when you throw down a few ammo restores on long boss fights where only bows or pistols are allowed. Have 50 of them equipped at all times and you will be the savior of your team.

You should also build and equip Ancient Healer specter and / or Shield Osprey specter. They are extremely helpful in defense, mobile defense or some boss fights. You can keep the Ancient Healer in one place by going to him and interact. He well send out healing waves for the entire team and provides damage reduction. You get him either for standing from New Loka or be defeating New Loka death squads. Shield Ospreys provide overshields and make you shields regenerate faster.

8 – Adapt to sortie modifier or sortie conditions

Sortie modifier or sortie conditions change certain elements of the mission on top of the increased difficulty. These modifier can either be environment, weapon choice or enemy type restriction.

The warframe wiki offers a very good list of all sortie modifier. Weapon restrictions like “bow only” or “melee only” are quite obvious and easy to prepare for.

Enemy Physical Enhancement and Enemy Elemental Enhancement will make enemies extremely bullet spongy if you have not equipped the proper mods on your weapons. You have to bring high damage weapons and if possible a damage buff like Rhino’s Roar or Chroma’s Vex Armor.

Electromagnetic Anomalies can also be very annoying because they reduce energy and disrupt your vision when you jump through those bubbles. Best equip your secondary with eletric damage because that will pop those bubbles.

Radiation Harzard is a favorite of mine because it turns most missions into a team kill fest. Once a tenno is hit by the Radiation proc he can also do damage to other team mates. Saryns or Mesas love to rip teams apart.

Final advise for sorties

Have patience with yourself when it comes to sorties. Even with this guide you will struggle. Give it time and do sorties daily if you can. Soon you will discover patterns, you will find better builds and ease into it.