Carrier Prime is still the tankiest of all sentinels. In early game Carrier Prime is useful for shooting and looting. But in later game I would strongly advise to build for complete heal-revive-ammo-vacuum utility because your warframe can take care of itself in terms of getting rid of enemies.

The following build has been my trusted late game utility build that involves no shooting but lots of utility for almost three years now. Some minor tweaks were made over time. Most recently with update 25 a new mod Repair Kit was put into this build.

Heal-Revive-Ammo-Vacuum-Survivability Carrier Prime build

Guardian | Medi-Ray | Primed Regen | Animal Instinct | Sacrifice
Ammo Case | Calculated Redirection | Enhanced Vitality | Repair KitVacuum

The complete build can also be found on where you can make adjustments if you need to. Build on

Build explained

Sentinal Survivability

Healing & reviving

  • Medi-Ray restores 12% of your warframe health (15 sec cool down)
  • Guardian restores 100% warframe shield when depleted (30 sec cool down)
  • Sacrifice revives your warframe by giving up one of its lives
  • Primed Regen self-revives the sentinel with 100% health 3 times
  • Sacrifice and Primed Regen synergize for up to 3 revives

Looting & ammo suppy

  • Vacuum picks up all ressources in a 11.5m radius
  • Animal Instinct shows loot in 30m & enemies in 18m radius on minimap
  • Ammo Case converts unused ammo, increases the ammo capacity

The credits, endo and maybe platinum price of this build

Keep in mind this is a late game build and you will have to spend 2 forma and an Orokin Reactor on Carrier Prime. You will also have to spend almost 150’000 endo and almost 7’000’000 credits to max out all showed sentinel mods.

At the time of writing Carrier Prime is still vaulted and its parts are only available through trading with other players. Check for the current price of a full Carrier Prime set before get into buying parts.

Video guide to Carrier Prime late game utility build

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