Having a reliable source for credits in your early, mid and late game is one of the most important things in Warframe. Everything you build in your foundry requires credits, every platinum your trade requires credits and everything you buy from Baro Ki’Teer requires credits. With this guide I want to show you 9 different ways to make credits without burning yourself out on the same mission.

Depending on where you currently are in the game different strategies for getting credits apply. You can jump right into a topic if you like to:

  1. Double credits first mission of the day
  2. Dark Sectors for early-game credit farming
  3. The Index for mid-game credit farming
  4. Profit Taker for late game credit farming
  5. Credit booster is worth it
  6. Hidden credits in your inventory
  7. Sell duplicate mods for credits
  8. Alternative credit farming places to avoid burnout
  9. Trade credits with other players indirectly

#1 – Double credits first mission of the day

When you start your daily grind in Warframe the first mission after you received your Daily Tribute gives you double credits. It is called Daily First Win Bonus and has been in Warframe for a very long time. 

The simplest way to profit from your double credits is a short but high credit awarding mission. I personally suggest a solo run of a single extractor on Hieracon (Pluto). A single extractor plus the required travelling time to the exit will take 3-4 minutes and yield 50’000 credits

credits from Hieracon first mission

If you are newer to the game and do not have access to Hieracon yet, just choose another Dark Sector mission as your first mission of the day. Gabii on Ceres or Cholistan on Europa are good alternatives but reward a few thousand credits less. Whatever Dark Sector mission you choose, remember to do just the minimum amount of what is required and head for the exit. 

If you are at your late game then you can plan your last sortie mission according to the Daily First Win bonus. Your will be rewarded with 100’000 credits if you start your day with the last sortie mission. For veteran players there is also the Profit Taker fight (Phase 4) that will reward 250’000 credits as the first mission of the day. Profit Taker does require a proper setup, a good chunk of experience but will require only 10 minutes of your time. 

#2 – Dark Sectors for early-game credit farming in Warframe

When you are restricted to the early game planets of the star chart then your options to farm credits are limited but there are still a few left until you can reach Neptune. The excavation mission on Tikal (Earth) rewards 12’000 credits and you can leave after the first excavator. Gabii on Ceres is a survival mission that rewards 20’000 credits for 5 minutes that is also quite popular. The best Dark Sector is Hieracon on Pluto. One excavator takes around 3-4 minutes and rewards you with 24’000 credits

#3 – The Index for mid-game credit farming in Warframe

Once you reached Neptune you can start playing the Corpus arenas that are called The Index. It is a very popular spot for credit farming among mid-game and even late-game players. In these arenas you place a bet on winning the match. The tougher the enemies the higher the bet but also the potential win. 

There are three different difficulty levels in the Index: low, medium and high. In low risk you bet 30’000 credits on your win. Upon winning you will receive 105’000 credits. On medium risk you bet 40’000 credits for 175’000 credits after winning. And for high risk you bet 50’000 for a potential win of 250’000 credits. If you lose credits you used to bet are completely gone. 

the index reward system

In The Index arena you have to defeat the enemy team by picking up glowing diamonds that killed enemies leave behind. You need to bring those diamonds to your marked bank location to score index points. At low risk you need to score 50 points, at medium risk 75 points and at high risk 100 points within a certain time limit. Every point scored will prolong the the mission timer for 10 seconds. If you carry multiple index points they will provide bonus index points. – But picking up and carrying index points will significantly reduce your health

To spice things up your warframe will constantly loose energy and you cannot use energy restores. You cannot bring a companion to the arena and enemies will not drop ammo. You rely totally on fixed locations to pick up energy orbs, health orbs and ammunition. 

the index low healt financial stress

While high risk Index missions give the highest reward, medium and low risk missions are very short. Thus allowing you to running multiple missions back to back without burning yourself out nor putting you at risk to lose credits. 

Enemies in The Index are specialised Corpus enemy types that carry a thick shield over alloy armor. You need to bring weapons that can go through both and do a lot of damage. High damage shotguns like the Arca Plasmor, Vaykor Hek or Corinth as well as sniper rifles like for example the Rubico Prime or Vulkar Wraith will provide the needed punch. The simplest elemental combination for these enemies is Cold and Radiation. Just take a look at my damage guide for The Index

the index build rhino

One of the easiest warframes for The Index is Rhino modded for high power strength and with good duration. His Iron Skin (2) will protect you when you lose health and his Roar (3) will amplify your damage.
You can also use bring a high duration and strength Nova – commonly known as Slowa – to slow enemies with Molecular Prime (4). Ash, Nezha, Mesa and Trinity are also very popular. 

Once you found your warframe and weapon for The Index your can make credits without too much hassle.   

#4 – Profit Taker for late game credit farming in Warframe

Currently the single largest credit drop in Warframe is 125’000 credits for defeating Profit-Taker Orb on Fortuna. If done as first mission of the day with an active credit booster it will drop 500’000 credits. And if your extra lucky when using Chroma’s Effigy even 1’000’000 credits are possible. 

It is a very late game credit farming that requires you to have rank Old Mate with Solaris United to even access the fight. It is Phase 4 of the Profit Taker Heist bounties and it also requires you to have a properly modded archgun with Gravimag installed. 

archgun gyromag

The Profit-Taker Orb fight is commonly known as “knockdown simulator” because there are many Corpus enemies that will knock down your warframe while you try to take down that big boss. The boss fight is divided in 4 phases that require taking down shields, shooting pylons and using your gravimag archgun to destroy parts of the boss

Taking down Profit-Taker Orb’s shield is a unique challenge because it is only vulnerable to a single random elemental damage type for a limited time before a new damage type is required. While you can force swapping to a new elemental shield weakness by shooting the shield with your operator, you have to make sure to bring as many elemental combinations as possible. 

chroma build profit taker fight

The currently best way to fight Profit-Taker Orb is to bring a Chroma Prime (ice) with lots of power strength, lots of power duration as well as knockdown recover and  the adaptation mod. You need to use Elemental Ward (2) and Vex Armor (3) while you shoot with your biggest damage dealers in primary, secondary and melee at the orb. 

The whole fight is veteran level late game content because it not only requires a deeper understanding of modding but also a large arsenal of arcanes, primed mods and rivens. 

#5 – Credit booster is worth it in Warframe

From the 5 different boosters Warframe offers the credit booster is definitely worth having when you want to play effectively. An active credit booster will double all mission credit rewards in game. The only thing a credit booster does not affect are credit drops from caches like  sabotage containers or bounty rewards. 

Credit booster are cumulative with other credit increases. If you have an active credit booster on the first mission of the day, you will receive 4x the credits. A simple 3-4 minute run on Hieracon as first mission of day will net you 100’000 credits. A credit booster will allow you to farm a decent amount of credits passively. 

Fun fact: If you happen to play your first mission of the day on a double credits weekend with an active credit booster you will receive 8x the credits. 

You can obtain a credit booster for platinum in the market. A 3-day booster costs 40p and will be very useful for a weekend. A 7-day booster costs 80p and is helpful if you have holidays. A 30-day booster costs 200p and should only be acquired if you have an almost daily Warframe schedule

Short term credit booster can also drop as Daily Tribute or from Reinforced Containers. Baro Ki’Teer occasionally sells 3 day credit booster and Prime Accessories provide a 90 day credit booster

If you buy a credit booster while your current credit booster is still active the time will be just added to your current credit booster. 

#6 – Hidden credits in your Warframe inventory

Chances are that you already have some hidden credits in your inventory. Any duplicate warframe blueprint part sells for 3500 credits. When you farmed for certain warframes you most likely got some duplicate parts. Some warframe parts even drop in multiple missions; like Harrow chassis from fissure missions or Oberon parts from any eximus unit. Sell them and any other warframe part duplicates from your inventory. You find you inventory by hitting ESC, then go to Equipment and then to Inventory

find inventory under equipment

You will also come across weapon blueprints like Boar or Gorgon you will have multiple copies of. And if you do Kuva siphon or flood missions you will acquire your fair share of Orvius parts from Kuva Guardians and Jesters. Weapon blueprints and parts sell for 2500 credits a copy. If you have already farmed Nidus parts you will also have Antiserum Injectors you can sell off for credits. 

inventory search bluepints

These parts are all hidden under the Miscellaneous tab of your inventory. And you can just search for blueprints to find all duplicate or unused weapon and warframe blueprints you own. Add whatever you think you do not need to your sell pile. You can use the middle mouse button if you want to add all copies of an item to your sell pile.  

sell blueprints

With that in mind, next time you get a Harrow chassis or any Oberon part celebrate it as an additional 3500 credits drop. 

#7 – Sell duplicate mods for credits in Warframe

The second place you can use to get credits fast is your mod station. You can sell your duplicate mods for credits. You will receive 200 credits for a single common mod (bronze), 500 credits for an uncommon mod (blue) and 1000 credits for a rare mod (gold). Fully charged requiem mods (black) sell for 50’000 credits each and defiled requiem mods sell for 25’000 credits. 

You should never sell riven mods (violet) nor legendary mods (silver/platinum) for credits. 

selling mods

Your mod station allows you to sort you mods by duplicates to make the process of selling easy to handle. If you want to sell all duplicates from a mod you can use the middle mouse button to add all duplicates to your sell pile. Once I have added all the mods you want to sell to your pile you need to press the “Sell for Credits” button. 

#8 – Alternative credit farming places to avoid burnout

If you fear burnout on doing the same missions for credit farming over and over again there are two mid- and late-game alternatives that are worth mentioning. Both are not as effective as The Index or Profit Taker Orb but credit rewards are still above average. 

arbitrations rewards

You first late game alternative is Arbitrations. This mission will change every 60 minutes and requires you to fight high level enemies that are protected by shield drones. If you want to play arbitrations you must have completed all mission nodes on the star chart. The mission rewards 50’000 credits plus whatever the enemies drop in-mission. Combined with a credit booster and or a Daily First Win bonus 100’000 or 200’000 credits can be achieved. 

laomeida disruption 50k drop

The second alternative is the Disruption node Laomedeia on Neptune. If you manage to defend all 4 conduits you get 30’000 credits for round 1 and 2 each. And starting with round 3 – given that you defend all 4 conduits – you have a 95% chance to get 50’000 for each round.

laomeida disruption mission reward

#9 – Trade credits with other players indirectly

There is no way to directly trade credits with other players because credits are excluded from the list of tradable items. But through trading of Requiem mods you can exchange credits. A fully charged requiem mod can be sold in your mod station for 50’000 credits. That makes any fully charged requiem mod a 50k credit cache and any defiled requiem mod (no charges left) a 25k credit cache. 

sell single requiem mod

Using this technique you can trade up to 300’000 credits – 6 fully charged requiem mods – in a single trade.