Certain areas in Warframe require specific damage type setups that go beyond the faction weakness listing I made a long time ago. Here we look at the setup for The Index on Neptune, Rathuum arenas (Nakki, Yam and Vodyanoi) on Sedna and the Eidolon hunt setup.

The Index – damage types and mod setup

The Index node on Neptun requires you to fight special Corpus enemies to earn . Compared to most other Corpus enemies Index enemies have alloy armor and shields. There are two different setups:

1. high damage & crit weapons, preferable shotguns

Radiation (Electricity + Heat)
against Broker armor

against shields of Broker units

2. high status weapons, shotguns again

against Broker health under shields

Viral (Cold + Toxin)
against Broker health under shields

Eidolon hunt – damage types and mod setup

Hunting Eidolons requires just one damage type once its shield has been stripped away. Removing every Eidolon’s shield can only be done by shooting the Eidolon in operator mode. Once the shield is gone Radiation damage will remove its alloy armor.

Radiation (Electricity + Heat)
against armor of Eidolon

use high damage & crit weapons, preferable sniper

Sedna Rathuum arena – damage types and mod setup

On Senda three special nodes Nakki, Yam and Vodyanoi are the Rathuum arenas. There you fight heavy armored enemies in order to get access to Kela De Thaym. The setup is similar to the Index setup. Use Cold to reduce shields and Radiation against the enemies’ alloy armor.

Radiation (Electricity + Heat)
against armor of Executioner units

against shields of Executioner units

when using high damage & crit weapons, preferable shotguns