This is an elemental damage and physical damage weakness overview for Warframe (updated 08/2019). This overview is a starting point for new players that want to progress through the  starchart. This overview does not consider finisher damage, status procs and crit multiplier that are needed for high level (sortie or endless)  content.  – Explanation video below

Physical Damage types and fraction weakness

Physical damage is the base damage for most weapons you encounter in Warframe. Very rarely will you find a weapon with a physical damage. Early game weapons will always have a combination of all 3 physical damage types.

Going against Infested you should prefer Slash heavy weapons. Against Grineer Puncture damage is preferred and against Corpus Impact damage is the damage type of choice.

Slash damage is good against Infested
& effective against flesh

Puncture damage is good against Grineer
& effective against armor

Impact damage is good against Corpus
& effective against shield

But these 3 physcial damage types are only your starting point because elemental damage combinations are way more effective against each faction.

In Warframe you have 4 base elemental damage types: Heat, Cold, Toxin and Electricity. They are even more powerful when they are combined. I have listed the most effective combinations against each faction for you.

Grineer elemental weakness and best setup

Basic Grineer grunts are weak against Heat damage. But heavier units wear armor and Corrosive damage is your best choice against them.

Corrosive (Toxin + Electricity) 
against heavy Grineer

against light Grineer

Infested weakness and best setup

Similar to Grineer grunts are light Infested units. They are also weak against Heat damage. Heavy Infested units possess armor that can is weak against Corrosive damage.

Corrosive (Toxin + Electricity)
against heavy Infested

against light Infested

Corpus elemental weakness

Corpus units posses shields that have a weakness against Magnetic damage. Additionally Toxin has the ability to do damage under Corpus shield against Corpus flesh.

Magnetic (Cold + Electricity)
against heavy Corpus

against light Corpus

Void elemental weakness

Void enemies on the start chart have similar weaknesses like Grineer. That means that Corrosive damage is useful against heavier units. Heat damage as well as Cold damage are useful against grunt enemy types.

Corrosive (Toxin + Electricity)
against heavy Void units

Cold against light Void units or
Heat against light Void units

Additional damage types and weakness

The Index – damage types
Eidolon hunt – damage types
Rathuum Arena (Nakki, Yam, Vodyanoi) – damage types

Elemental damage will always be applied to the target. It has nothing to do with status chance. Status chance is the chance of triggering the elemental status effect; also known as proc. The higher the status chance the higher the chance a damage type (physical or elemental) will proc.

Video guide to Warframe faction weakness

damage faction weekness youtube