Trading in Warframe has its own lingo, its own rules but it offers a reliable to get platinum. In this guide I cover the basics of trading, items allowed for trading, places for trade and, the almost auction house Once you know how and what to trade you will be able to generate platinum without paying real world money for it.

You can jump into each topic directly or just read the guide from top to bottom.

Trading to make Warframe platinum with ingame items

Trading in warframe most of the time is use to make plat – as it is called by players. With plat you can be used to buy almost everything in the marketplace. Booster, forma, new warframes and many more. Although you can trade one item for another item in Warframe, using plat as the intermediary currency has become the standard for trading. 

You sell a mod for 20p – shortcut for 20 platinum – and you use 15p in another trade to buy an archwing weapon part. 

Simple trade in warframe

What can you trade in Warframe

You can trade almost all common, uncommon, rare, legendary (primed) mods in every rank. Requiem mods can also be traded. Exceptions to the rule are legendary mods that you gained through daily tribute (Primed Fury, Primed Shred, Primed Vigor).

You cannot trade your starter platinum. That you have to spend in the market place – otherwise people would just create account over account to trade out their start plat. Best get yourself a warframe slot and a few weapon slots for that starter plat. 

All prime warframe blueprint and prime warframe blueprint parts as well as all prime weapon blueprints and parts can be traded. You cannot trade built prime parts. Trading prime parts for platinum has a very long tradition.

You cannot trade “normal” non-prime warframe blueprints or part blueprints (e.g. Rhino neuroptics blueprint). And while we are at it, you cannot trade fully build “normal” warframes

You can trade archwing weapon parts from syndicates, invasion weapon parts and blueprints (e.g. Karak Wraith, Snipetron Vandal), elite sanctuary onslaught weapon parts and bluepring (Lato Vandal, Braton Vandal), some sentient weapon parts (Shedu) and all unranked weapons from the Void trader Baro Ki’Teer.
All other non-prime weapons and weapon blueprint cannot be traded.

You cannot trade most resources of the start chart. This is a tough one because early in the game you would love to get that one Orokin Cell to build your next prime item. Exception to this resource rule are fish and refined gems from the Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis. 

You can trade all arcanes, relics of all refinements, Alad V nav coordinates, Ayatan sculptures empty or filled and Ayatan stars. Basic lenses, Eidolon lens blueprint as well as built Eidolon lenses can be sold for plat. You can also sell scenes for captura and imprints for Kubrows and Kavats. 

Finally you cannot trade Forma in all variants, Forma blueprints, Orokin catalysts and their blueprints, Orokin reactors and their blueprints. And you cannot sell platinum for platinum. Yes, there were people that tried to sell 100p for 5p ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The most important takeaway for you is trading of prime part blueprints and mods. 

warframe selling prime parts and mods

When is trading in Warframe allowed

There are only two hard limitations but also some soft limitations for trading in Warframe. The first hard limitation is being Mastery rank 2 (MR2). You can easily achieve this rank by leveling up gear and doing the Mastery rank test. And the second limitation is activation of 2FA for Warframe. You need to activate that on the warframe website and there is a good 2FA FAQ available. 

Soft limitations come in the form of mastery rank lock and trading tax. Some items like riven mods or weapons Baro Ki’Teer sell require the buyer to have a certain Mastery rank. If you do not have it you cannot buy it. I will get to trading tax a bit later but some items like primed mods or rank 5 arcanes require you to spend somewhere from 1 to 2.1 million credits on trading tax. For newer players that is a lot of credits and stops them from buying too powerful items too early in the game.

There is also a maximum number of trades you are allowed to do per day. The number of trades equals your current mastery rank. If you are mastery rank 6 you can do 6 trades per day. 

Places where you can trade in Warframe

Now that you know what to trade you need to know where to trade. There are two places where you can trade items. 

The first place is Maroo’s Bazaar on Mars. It is a special relay made only for trading between players. Once you made your way from the landing platform to the inner parts you will find tenno standing around displaying up to 6 showcases for selling. That does not mean that they only have these items but like in real life you need to have a proper door opener. 

warframe maroos bazar on mars

You can also use the relay chat to ask for a particular item or directly initiate a trade if an item interests you. Maroo’s Bazaar has a very relaxed crowd of players willing to trade. It is also one of the very rare places where you could ask for a trade item for item instead of moving plat. 

If you want to start selling items press Q to open vendor mode that allows you to setup shop and choose display items for sale. Maroo’s Bazaar is mostly used by newer players. It is a slow and inefficient trading process but nonetheless a good place to start.

warframe setup shop on maroos bazar

The second place is a trading post in a clan dojo. The is by far the most popular way of trading. It fast, you can invite anyone you like for trading and it has no additional trading tax like Maroo’s Bazaar. 

To set up a trade in the clan dojo one trading partner has to have a dojo with a trading post. Every clan has a dojo and one of the first things that dojo contains is a trading post.

Trading post in dojo

The player in the dojo invites the other player over by using the context menu in the chat. That means you just right click on the name in the chat and the small menu will offer “Invite”. The invited player gets informed that there is an invitation and can accept or deny it. 

How does the actual trading process in Warframe work

First you and your trading partner have to agree on the item or items and on the price. On Maroo’s Bazaar you probably initiate a private chat by entering this in the chat window
/w name-of-player Hi
You can discuss the trade with the other tenno in private. Once you agreed on the price you can initiate the trade. 

On Maroo’s Bazar you stand in front of the trading parter and then interact with him by pressing X.

In the dojo you go to the trading post interact with it by pressing X. Your next step is to choose your trading partner who should be on the list on the left.

warframe trading choose trading partner

A message will appear on the trading partner’s interface where you can Accept joining a trading session.

One you very first trade you will see a one-time notification with the rules DE sets for trading. Read them and accept them.

Welcome to warframe trading system

The next interface is for choosing items you want to trade. There are 6 empty boxes in the upper part and 6 empty boxes in the lower part of that interface. This means that at max 6 items can be part of that one trade. Your row of boxes is always the upper one.

Click on any empty box and you will have the choice to select an item, a mod or platinum.

warframe trading choose items for trade

Depending on your choice, you will get a menu where you can search for the item or the mod. There is always a search bar to the right. When you have found your item click on it and you will put it into your offer. Meaning it will appear in one of the six boxes for trading. If you have chosen platinum you just have to specify the amount. 

warframe trading offer items from inventory

When all the things you want to trade and your trading partner wants to trade appear in the upper and lower boxes you can hit Check when ready to trade.

warframe trading before ready to trade

Then hit that big Accept Trade button and a final popup will appear that sums up the trade.

warframe trading ready to trade

Press OK when everything in that popup checks out and you want to go through with the trade.

warframe trading trade accepted

You have to go through all these hoops to make trading more safe. 

Warframe trading tax in detail

One thing I have not talked about in detail is trading tax. It is credits based tax that you have to shell out for every item you receive. That tax does not go to anyone. It is just a way to remove credits from the warframe economy. It also is a way to prevent players to just buy rare items as taxes will increase significantly.

If you buy a common mod like Hunter Recovery from another player it will cost 2’000 credits tax for the trade. A rare mod like Adaptation will cost 8’000 credits. Prime parts and blueprints will cost 2’000 or 4’000 credits each.

But there are also very high taxes on primed mods like Primed Continuity. Buying legendary mods – all primed mods are legendary rarity – have a trade tax of 1’000’000 credits. Legendary arcanes, like Arcane Grace or Arcane Energize, are even more expensive in trading tax. If you buy legendary arcane rank 5 will be taxed with 2’100’000 credits.

If you sell items and receive plat, this is taxed. For every plat you receive, 500 credits tax are applied. 20p will cost you 10’000 credits, 100p will cost you 50’000 credits and 1000p will cost you 500’000 credits

Trade tax list

500 credits – for each platinum you receive

2’000 credits – common mods, common arcanes, Lith relics, prime blueprints, prime parts, tradable weapons, focus lens, ayatan stars

4’000 credits – uncommon mods, uncommon arcanes, Meso relics, prime warframe blueprints, prime warframe, Ayatan sculptures

8’000 credits – rare mods, rare arcanes, Neo relics, Axi relics

100’000 credits – Legendary arcanes (unranked)

300’000 credits – Legendary arcanes (rank 1)

600’000 credits – Legendary arcanes (rank 2)

1’000’000 credits – Legendary mods (primed mods)

1’500’000 credits – Legendary arcanes (rank 4)

2’100’000 credits – Legendary arcanes (rank 5)

Keep in mind that making platinum with trading requires credits. Make sure you always farm for credits and reinvest part of your plat income in a credit booster

Trade chat for ingame seller and buyer

Now that you know all the nice ins and outs about trading you might wonder where you find a possible trading partner. The first answer to this lies in trade chat. Trade chat is part of the chat window you see when you are in your orbiter or in your dojo. It is the chat tab with two arrows in it. 

warframe trade chat scrolling through

When you open it you immediately see messages rushing through. That is how trading has been done since the early days of Warframe. Players enter WTS (Want To Sell) if they want to sell something. They add in square brackets the item they want to sell. If you try this for yourself you see that starting to write something with square brackets opens a look ahead feature that you might know from Google.

warframe trade chat with autocomplete

Choose your items from this look ahead and this will create a click-able link in trade chat. Finally people add a price where p is the shortcut for platinum. 

WTS [Streamline] 7p 

This means I Want to sell the Streamline mod for 7 platinum. For buying items via trade chat it is WTB (Want To Buy) and the rest is identical to selling. 

WTB [Streamline] 7p

This means I want to buy the Streamline mod for 7 platinum.

When you have found something you like, scroll up a bit in trade chat to stop it from scrolling automatically. Click on the name of the player with the WTS or WTB message your are interested in and choose Talk to initiate a private message. Just write a short one liner say you want to buy that item for that price from him. 

warframe trade chat talk to other players

Next you have to agree where to trade. That is called inviting a player. You either go into his dojo for trading or your dojo. If you want to use your trading partner’s dojo just write plz inv which is short for Please invite me to your dojo. If you want to do the trade in your clan dojo you just write i inv, meaning I invite you to my dojo. Remember to first head into your dojo and then initiate invite from the chat window if you chose to invite someone over.

There is a filter functionality in trade chat you can use with the magnifier icon.

warframe trade chat start filtering

It is very helpful but of course not as useful as a full grown auction house. And that brings me to the next chapter. 

Using the almost auction house for Warframe

There are thousands of ingame items you could sell or buy in Warframe. That makes the trade chat that was originally built for a smaller player base with few items to sell confusing. You might be wondering why there is no auction house to make the whole proces more streamline and less confusing. Digital Extremes decided against an auction house a long time ago. But luckily the community stepped in to fill the gap

We have, the almost auction house. Why do I write almost because it is just a third party website you have to use to find players that buy or sell. The actual trading has to done in Warframe

There are 3 ways to use To check prices for trade chat, to find a seller and contact him/her ingame or to offer items you want to sell. 

Check prices for trade chat

This is the easiest and fastest way to check prices is to use Visit the page enter the item you want to know the current platinum price of. There will be some look ahead in the search bar where you can choose the item. The resulting page will give you a description of the item, where it drops, trade tax and a link into the wiki.

warframe dot market streamline result

You need to scroll down a bit to see the results – players that sell the item. You can and you should sort by Unit Price to get the lowest price first. You should also check In Game. Now you can use that knowledge to sell or buy in trade chat. 

warframe dot market result listing

Find a seller and contact him/her ingame

This requires you to play Warframe. Just stay in your orbiter or in your clan dojo and then tab out of the game into the browser. On Windows PC that is pressing ALT+TAB or the Windows key. You open the browser and in it.

Similar to the previous chapter you enter the item you want to buy in the search bar and then scroll down to the sorting options. The first menu row should automatically have Seller activated because you are looking for people that sell the item. Next choose In Game to get only currently active players. 

warframe dot market filters

Each result line represent a sell order of a currently active player. You see the name of the player and his online status. Next comes reputation that shows how many players left a positve feedback for the player. Unit price is the price the player asks for and number of items is how many copies that player wants to sell. Rank show the rank of the item which is only important for mods and arcanes. 

warframe dot market result details

At the outer right you see a clipboard symbol that you might know as copy symbol.

Just click on it and a text box similar to this will appear:

/w k05h Hi! I want to buy: Jolt for 100 platinum. (

That text is already highlighted and you have to copy it. On Windows PC that is CTRL + C or do a right mouse click on the highlighted text and choose Copy. 

Now that you have copied that text snippet you need to go back into Warframe. Go into you chat window and make sure you can enter text in the chat box. If you are unsure just try to enter a letter and delete it afterwards. Now paste the text into chat by use CTRL + V and hit Enter on your keyboard.

warframe trade chat direct message

That will send a direct message to the seller who will know the item and the price you want to buy. If you like you can write a “Plz inv” in that new direct message chat window. The rest of trading process is exactly as I described it in How does the actual trading process in Warframe work.

And if you do not get an answer from one of the sellers or the chat says user currently offline, just try the next seller in the result list.  At the end of the day is just the third party tool with no direct connectivity into Warframe itself.

Offer items you want to sell on

The final step in your trading career is selling items on To be able to sell something you need to have an account on You can use your Steam or Xbox account to login or register via Email. This process includes a seop where you have to verify your ingame name. After that you are good to go. There is an FAQ for the verification process.

I personally use the sign in through Steam ever since went online. 

Once you are logged in, you can use the big + sign in the lower right corner of that says Place Order. You can enter the item you want to sell, add price, number of copies and rank. 

warframe dot market place order

You can change any of your orders by going into “My Profile” in the top menu.

warframe dot market profile page

You will find a list of all your order and when you edit your order then you will even see current prices other players ask for the item. In the same list you can delete your order or use the sold button once that item is sold.

warframe dot market profile listing detail

The only difference between sold and deleting an items is that sold items will appear in your transaction list. If you like to see how much platinum you made use sold.  

The final and most important step to selling is updating you status. The upper right corner has your current status.

warframe dot market status changes

Whenever you are in Warframe and you want to trade make sure you activate Online in Game. And whenever you are not playing or do not want to trade make sure you activate Invisible.

ALWAYS update your status. 


There is a pool of thousands of items you can sell to and buy from other players in Warframe. You either have to use Maroo’s Bazar for trading or the more popular trading stations in dojos. You can put up to 6 items into each trade and your amount of daily trades is limited by your mastery rank. There is a trading tax that is normally just a few thousand credit but it can go up into millions for legendary items. While there is no official auction house, has become the go-to place for initiate trades and check prices for Warframe.