All important aura mods, nitain, vauban and many other previous alert rewards have been moved into nightwave offerings. To help new players to buy the right items from the offerings I compiled a list of the most important mods to get after you bought Nitain Extract.

Most important beginner offerings / items to get

The first thing after you acquired some creds is to buy offering 5x Nitain Extract. Nightwave is the only reliable way to get Nitain Extract and you want to make sure you always have at least 5 Nitain Extract in your inventory to build weapons or warframe parts that require it. 5 Nitain Extract will cost you 15 creds.

Six mandatory aura mods are next on your nightwave offerings shopping list. Corrosive Projection that will strip off enemy armor is a must. Steel Charge that gives +60% melee damage increase to the whole squad is also a must buy and very popular for Rhino builds. Next are Dead Eye that increases sniper damage for the squad, Physique which increases health by 18%, Rejuvenation that provides constant healing of 3 per second and Energy Siphon that provides a small energy regain every second.
Each aura mod will cost you 20 creds and for all 6 I listed above you will need 120 creds.

Nice to have offerings from nightwave

If you have at least 5 Nitain Extract and all mandatory aura mods you can acquire all Vauban parts and build Vauban. Then two more aura mods that are situational: Enemy Radar highlights enemies on the minimap and that becomes useful once you reach The Index on Neptune. Sprint Boost that makes you and your squad faster. Finally, nice to have is also the Glaive blueprint because throwing weapons are sometimes a good way to cheese melee-only mastery rank test.

Mastery rank fodder and completing your aura mod collection

Once you have the mandatory mods, your Nitain secured in your inventory, Vauban and Glaive build and the situational aura mods can start completing your aura mod collection. Buy whatever you do not already have. Some of those aura mods are very rarely used. But you and I will never know when DE decides to update certain mods for the better.

Next are all remaining weapon blueprints because they give you mastery points. All swords and daggers are basically what vets call mastery fodder. You build them, you rank them up to 30 and then you forget them.

Nightwave fashion items are the last on the list

nightwave creds offerings cosmetics

When you acquired all the previous items through probably multiple seasons of nightwave you can start spending all your creds on Nitain Extract and on cosmetic items. Getting all cosmetics – helmets and weapon skins – and building them will take you a long time and only then should you lay your eyes on whatever else – Kuva, Orokin Reactor, Orokin Catalyst – is available in the offerings.

The weekly rotation – when do items come back?

Most items from the nightwave offerings rotate on a weekly basis. That means that not all your must-have mods will be visible each week. It also means that you might have to wait for a longer period for items to re-appear when you currently lack the creds to buy them.

The weekly reset for nightwave offerings and also for the weekly challenges is Sunday at midnight. You can easily see how much time is left visiting the wiki Nightwave page or in the section “Weekly acts”.

There is no way to know what rotating items in Nightwave will be back the following week. That is random. The only items that stay in the creds offerings are Nitain Extract, Vauban parts, Orokin Catalyst and Orokin Reactor.

How do you buy nightwave offerings / items?

Buying the items or offerings from nightwave is at the time of writing a bit hidden. The easiest way to see your nightwave UI is by going directly to the radio scanner in your orbiter. It is the little console on the right side before you go downstairs to your foundry or mod station.

Once in the UI you have to look in the lower right and find the menu point CRED OFFERINGS. Just click on it and you are in the offerings store.

How do you get creds to buy offering / items?

Nightwave consists of 10 challenges and upon completing each challenge you are rewarded with standing. That standing increases your rank. Each achieved rank gives you a reward. Some of those rewards are creds that enable you to buy offerings.

This system is built to incentivize regular play sessions. Three of the challenges I mentioned above last only for 3 days but are easy to complete in your normal play sessions. The other 7 challenges which are called “acts” require you to do either harder missions or certain boss fights. Depending on how far along in the game you have progressed, you might not be able to complete them. Nightwave acts rotate weekly together with the offerings and there is a way to catch up when you missed a few weeks.

What do you with remaining creds at the end of a season

When a nightwave season comes to an end you will be informed about that in the UI. Whatever spare creds you have just buy Nitain Extract. This is always a solid choice because you need 120+ Nitain Extract to build all items that require Nitain Extract.