In addition to my 25 veteran tips for beginner article there is this set of unwritten rules Warframe players have to respect. That is what we call the Warframe etiquette. Here is the Beginner’s guide to Warframe Etiquette for new players

Don’t use the elevator if you aren’t the last one. If you are the last one you must move the elevator.

Always carry a power cell to the next excavator. Never come empty handed.

Don’t activate life support in survival missions unless you are below 30%. Life support will restore 30%.

Don’t gang up on one interception node. Also don’t jump around unless everything is totally secured.

Revive other players if you can, use your “special mode” to be invincable while reviving. If you are downed don’t just die but wait until you are revived.

Staying together gives you more XP (Affinity) to level up weapons and your warframe. In defense and mobile defense stick with the team for max XP gain.

Mark rare resources when you come across them. Most notably Argon and Orokin Cells. You can see their exact position by the green lines on the floor.

Learn to bullet jump, then bullet jump and finally chain bullet jump with rolling and another bullet jump. The faster you get through a mission the less time your team has to be waiting for you at the exit point.

If you spy public then write in team chat where you go (A, B or C). Running spy solo is preferred by many tenno.

Pick another tenno’s fissure reward if you don’t care about the item. That tenno will get 5 additional void traces.

Make sure everybody in your squad has 10 reactants before you exit the mission.

Don’t use the lasers in Void defense mission without telling the team. If you do by accident or because of enemy hordes overrunning you, revive and apologize afterwards.

Pop your Frost bubble if they are no longer needed by using your 1. Ask in team chat if bubbles are okay or not okay for them.

Same goes for Limbo’s Cataclysm – ask the team.

Pictures were created by Reddit user abababbb.