In addition to my 25 veteran tips for beginner article there is this set unwritten rules called etiquette now Warframe should be aware of. You could also call this a code of chivalry or simply being polite. It is one of the pillars that makes our Warframe community so unique and friendly. 

Elevator etiquette

Please do not use the elevator unless you are the last one to enter. If you are the last one who enters the elevator it is expected that you push the button to move the elevator

When you see your team clumping up at one spot on Corpus maps that usually indicates that they are waiting in or in front of an elevator. Try to get to the elevator as fast as possible and do not look into every corner for more loot.

Power cell etiquette in Excavations

If you spot a power cell or a power cell carrier on your way to the next or the first excavator pick up that power cell and carry it to the next excavator. Each cell that you can bring a new excavator will provide 20 additional seconds of digging time.

Excavations are known for their unreliable spawns of power cell carriers. You can avoid unnecessary waiting times at the excavators and even allow for having two excavators active.

Survival etiquette

You do not activate the life support capsules in survival missions unless support is below 30%. The activation of a life support capsule will provide a 30% increase in life support. In normal survival mission a new life support capsule will be supplied every 90 seconds. Thus, you do not want to annoy your team by activating this rare resources prematurely. 

Interception etiquette

If you go into an Interception mission with a full squad do not pick a communication tower where another squad mate is already standing. Pick a communication tower that still not guarded by another tenno. Then take responsibility of guarding that communication tower until the end of the mission. In longer missions you can pick up resources after every round and return to “your” communication tower. 

If you are confident your tower is well protected without you, e.g. Frost’s Chilling Globe or Khora’s Strangledome, you can help out you squadmates on tough spot. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you feel you cannot defend a communications tower properly. Some towers see mobs rushing constantly and that can be a real challenge. A more experienced player might take over defending that communication defense.

Revive etiquette

When you lose all your health in mission you go into a bleedout state. The bleedout state lasts 20 seconds until you finally die in mission. Be patient and wait for your squad mates to revive you from bleedout because it is a win-win situation for everyone. If you die or rush your death skipping bleedout you lose a big chunk of affinity you gained in that mission so far. You need affinity to rank up your weapons and warframe. You also rob the other squad mates of feeling useful. For many players reviving other tenno that go down is one of the most rewarding things in Warframe. 

And it is important that you return the favor and try to revive teammates. Best use your operator mode or have the sanctuary mod installed on your sentinel. 

Affinity etiquette

In defense or mobile defense missions try to stay together to get more affinity and provide additional affinity gain for your team mates. Whenever you are together with a squad you will receive a percentage of the affinity other gained. Affinity is used to rank up weapons and warframes. The more you can get the better. 

affinity icon

When you stay together on you will see the group symbol that indicates that you profit from affinity gain in the team.

Mark resources etiquette

Mark rare resources for other squad mates. Rare resources everybody likes to see marked are Argon Crystals in Void missions and Orokin Cells wherever you might find them. The same goes for Ayatan sculptures. 

You can see the exact position of rare resources by the green lines going from the floor up in the air. Make sure you center your screen on them and press G on your keyboard (PS4: D-pad left button / XB1: D-pad right button / Switch: D-pad up button). If you are on spot it will show the icon of the resource to all other team mates. If you have not hit the right spot you will have just left a marker on the floor and should write one simple word in team chat (e.g. argon or orokincell). 

Ayatan sculptures should be marked before you pick them up. This will show them properly to your squad. Otherwise mark the spot and use team chat. Here again writing a single word like ayatan will be enough for others to understand what you mean.

Bullet jump

This is not an etiquette but being slow in public missions can be annoying to other squad mates and will probably cause frustration for you because you will always trail behind. Being fast and airborne in Warframe means that you will be hit less by enemies and that you will farm more stuff in less time. 

You need to learn how to bullet jump early on by jumping while crouching. After landing from a bullet jump you try to either slide (crouch) or roll. Otherwise you will lose momentum. The final step to master the chaining of bullet jump with sliding or rolling into the next bullet jump that again ends in sliding or rolling … all repeated over and over again.

Public spy etiquette

If you want to learn spy you should do spy missions solo but if you want to do spy missions fast public spy is the best way to go. Once you started your public spy mission enter the letter of the spy vault you are going to solve (A, B or C) in team chat. Do not disturb other players solving a spy vault. If you are really not sure how to solve a vault then better write in team chat that you need help at your spy vault, e.g. need help at C.

Fissure mission reward etiquette

When running fissure missions you will not always get the rewards you set out to get. If there is nothing interesting for you in the rewards make sure you always pick another players reward because that gives him 5 additional void traces.

Fissure mission reactant etiquette

Before you exit any fissure mission to claim your rewards make sure every team mate has 10 reactants. You can see the number of reactants each player carries list on the right side in the player list. Fissure mission rewards can only be received if the player has 10 reactants.

Void defense laser etiquette

In Void defense you can use laser with cooldown to cut down enemies at the front or at the back. These laser cut down anything without prejudice. This includes killing your teammates. If you need to use the lasers tell your squad about it in team chat, e.g. lasers front. Additionally check if your team is outside the laser’s killing zone.

Avoid annoyances etiquette

This used to be the “Frost bubble etiquette” but there are additional annoyances you need to remove. If you play Frost remove unnecessary snow globes in mission because teammates can’t shoot through them. Use Frost’s Freeze (1) to shoot at your snow globe to make it disappear. 

If you play Limbo other in sortie ask team chat before you use your Cataclysm (4) because many players dislike how cataclysm impairs their gameplay. 

If you play Vauban in defense ask in team chat before using Bastille (3) because it prolongs the mission by slowing down enemies.If you play Wisp don’t use shock motes in normal star chart defense because it slows down enemies significantly; thus prolonging mission time for everybody.  

Pictures were created by Reddit user abababbb.