Many players struggle with radiation hazard or radiation damage sortie. Once radiation procs on you, you will be able to team kill with your weapons and abilities for 12 seconds. To make matters worse an active radiation proc also stops you for 12 seconds from reviving squad mates or operatives. There are a number of things you can do prevent radiation procs on our and your team.

Radiation proc protection with mods

There are a few reliable mods to remove radiation procs that you rarely notice until you need them for proc removal. Most of them are warframe mods but there is also a very useful sentinel mod.

One of the simplest things you can do is equipping Diamond Skin. It increases your warframes ability to resist radiation damage and the resulting proc of radiation by 45%. You will experience radiation procs less often.

A consistent way to reduce the time you experience the radiation proc, or any proc at all, is Rapid Resilience. This mod decreases the status duration of any proc by 75%. This means that instead of the 12 seconds the proc will only last 3 seconds. You will be able to revive much faster and do accidental damage less often to your team.

The Rolling Guard warframe mod has a different approach. It removes any status including radiation proc once you roll. This is especially useful if you want to revive a squad mate. Just roll right before you reach him to make sure the radiation proc is gone. The down side of Rolling Guard is its 7 seconds cooldown. If you catch a radiation proc immediately after you used Rolling Guard it takes another 7 second before its effect can be used again. Rolling Guard has a great synergy with Wyrm’s Negate mod. 

Negate is a mod for your Wyrm sentinel. It removes all status effects on your warframe but has a 5 seconds cooldown. While the effect will only be cast every 5 seconds, using Rolling Guard when Negate is on cooldown allows for almost constant radiation removal. In mission I would suggest to wait one second and if Negate does not kick in you roll – if Rolling Guard is equipped.

Radiation damage self protection warframe abilities

Instead of using mods to you can also look at specific warframe abilities. There are a few warframes that offer ways to remove status procs. Less than a handfull of warframes can do this for the entire squad. There is nothing worse than a Saryn or Mesa doing team kills for 12 seconds without noticing that she has been under the radiation proc. 

Rhino is a staple of most players and his Iron Skin (2) gives him immunity from any status. For as long as your Iron Skin is active you cannot get the radiation proc. But you have to be careful because in the heat of the battle you might not not notice you Iron Skin is depleted and you caught a radiation proc.

Nezha who has a similar kit as Rhino can make use of Warding Halo (3) to get immunity from any status he has. As long as the ring is rotating around Nezha everything will be fine. That split second between before recasting Nezha can get procced by radiation. 

Inaros has the great Negation Swarm augment (4) to protect him from any status procs. It replaces his normal Scarab Swarm with the ability to withstand procs at the cost of 3% bonus armor acquired by using his Negation Swarm augment. This normally brings you through any radiation hazard exterminate sortie.

Trinity the once great but now rarely seen healer can use here Link (3) ability to transfer all status to linked enemies. This makes her almost constantly immune to radiation procs because Link can be recasted while still having a linked enemy left. This ability works best in defense missions. In missions that involve a lot of rushing you will run out of enemies to link to quite fast.

Wukong in his newest iteration has two abilities that remove status procs. He can use Defy (3) which not only removes all status procs but also makes him invulnerable. You might have to recast if you get hit by a status proc. His other ability to remove status procs is Cloud Walker (2). This ability also heals Wukong and can be activated or deactivated without cooldown. 

Limbo is worth mentioning because of his rift plane. He cannot remove any status procs but as long as he is in the rift plane he cannot not be affected by the radiation proc. The same goes for the squad and operators in the rift plane. Limbo can be the one who revives the team on fast exterminate missions.

Radiation damage team & self protection warframe abilities

Finally you might choose to keep radiation proc not only away from you but also from your entire squad. This can be very helpful in defense missions where an unknowing Peacemaker Mesa, Spore Saryn or your everyday Atterax enthusiast can fail the mission by doing team and operator wipes. 

Oberon offers a reliable way to stop any status procs from happening by using Hallowed Ground (2). As long you and your team mates stand on the Hallowed Ground all status procs are negated. Leaving that ground by jumping or running around will allow status procs to occur. Hallowed Ground does not remove any existing status procs. 

Hydrin as a newer addition to the warframe family can make use of her Pillage (2) ability. This will remove your own status procs as well as status procs from anyone in the rather large radius of Pillage. This ability can be used many times in succession because its energy comes directly from the shield which will be topped up at every use of Pillage.