Many good warframes, many weapons and some essential items are part of clan research in Warframe. This means unless you join a clan these things are locked away from you. Luckily Warframe allows you to build a solo player clan. And in this post that also has a very popular youtube companion video you learn all about building creating your clan and start building your solo dojo.

Solo clan means 1 member “Ghost” clan

Warframe clans have different tiers. The more people a clan contain the higher the tier and the higher the resources required to research clan-related items. The smallest tier in clans is called the Ghost Clan tier. It has to have at least one member and it can hold up to 10 members. Therefore a solo clan just means “Ghost Clan” tier clan with a single member.

Why and when should you consider a solo clan

There come a point in the game when you need to have blueprints that are only available via clan research. Warframe blueprints from Volt, Nezha, Wukong or blueprints for landing craft segments are the best examples of a long list.

In your early game you should try to find a clan that accepts you and allows you to get those blueprint. But the longer you the more you will experience inactive clan member, vanishing clans or unbearable research costs on large empty clans.

Building a solo clan is a late game job. It requires lots of resources, time to build all rooms in the dojo and even more time to research all items.

The inital cost of build a clan dojo

Building a small clan dojo in Warframe with all research labs, trading post and ascension altar can be done in 7-8 days. The biggest investment in this phase will be 14 forma; 12 forma for the rooms and 2 forma for trading post and ascension altar. You can follow the single floor layout below or the video right after it.

How to layout & build a solo dojo in 7 days

Warframe ghost solo dojo layout preview

PDF Version of the solo dojo in 7 days layout

If you need a print out of the the animation from above I created a PDF for you. You can download the pdf here:

Youtube: Warframe solo ghost clan dojo build guide (2019)

Now the real work doing research begins

Once you build your dojo the real work and waiting game begins. You have to get into each of the research labs – Tenno lab, Energy lab, Chem leb, Bio lab, Orokin lab – and start researching each item available to reserach. Depending on your available resources this takes 4-6 weeks.

What to research in Tenno, Chem, Bio, Energy & Orokin lab

At the time of writing there are over 150 different items that can be research in clan dojo research labs. Sadly the majority of the weapons is lackluster and very expensive to build. All weapons blueprints acquired in the dojo labs require a forma to build and rarely have an initial polarity. I have added a separate video for mandatory dojo research just at the end of the article.

Mandatory research for the Orokin Lab

That one is very simple because it is all Dragon Keys that are needed Orokin Vaults.

Mandatory research for the Tenno Lab

Longer list this time because it involves all warframes and their part available for research: Banshee, Volt, Wukong, Nezha. It involves two archwings and their parts: Itzal, Amesha.

If you can manage the research cost I would advise to research and then build the Guandao polearm. It is a very powerful but low mastery rank melee weapon.

Mandatory research for the Bio Lab

Just 10x Squad Health Restore.

If you think you can spare the resources you should research the Pox secondary. Fully optional but the Pox is a very useful weapon to strip off armor from enemies.

Mandatory research Chem Lab

This list is just a bit longer with 10x Squad Ammo Restore and the Ignis flamethrower.

Mandatory research Energy Lab

On the list here are three weapons because they are either unique in mechanic or just extremely powerful: Lenz, Amprex and Arca Plasmor. Also make sure you grab the Helios sentinel and 10x Squad Energy Restore.

There are a few interesting weapons hidden in this Lab. You should try to research and build the Opticor primary and the Staticor secondary. The former is a powerful beam weapon the latter is very useful to clear a path through enemy hordes. Both weapons are not mandatory to have.

Youtube – Mandatory research for dojo labs in Warframe clans